Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Bill Kristol and Carl Rove Coach Oligarchs in High Tech Lynching Methods.

Huffington Post reporter Ryan Grim told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin on Tuesday that “something like 54 private jets” had arrived at an elite meeting of tech CEOs, GOP party insiders and big donors set on stopping Donald Trump before he wins the Republican nomination.



Note: I Received this link about this gathering of Oligarchs immediately after reading a ridiculous article wrapped in the patina of academia, from an entity called the Action Institute Power Blog, claiming that Donald Trump supporters are "Folk Marxists." Linked here

The fellow's underlying theory is that Trump supporters are all about class warfare. The man is too stupid to cobble together the knowledge that the extreme effort on the part of the Trump Movement has nothing to do with rejecting the wealthy in favor of the poor, but rather to restrict from the wealthy the power to destroy American Sovereignty and to save our Nation as a Nation.

I wrote to the person who shared the article privately the following:

The Guy is a NeoCon.  What is a Neo-Con?Definition of Neo-Con
(1) a Rhetorical Conservative, who wraps him/herself in Mom, Apple Pie, God and Country, who advocates the assertive promotion and spread of democracy (Read American/Globalist Control) and United States Government-Corporate interests in international affairs including through military means

(2) One who advocates U.S. Empire building in the form of U.S. economic, political and military dominance using occupation or other means of total influence and dominance, making of foreign nation states, mere Vassal States of the Anglo-American Globalist Empire.

(3) One who increases American National Debt and sacrifices American Lives, for the purposes stated in 1 and 2.

Everything he calls "folk Marxism" is the natural reaction to the Globalism of the NeoCons and is in fact what is motivating both Trump and Sanders supporters. That is the situation where so called "free trade" created instead "slave trade" and enriched and empowered the very, very few, while plunging our Nation into Generational Debt Slavery. It created a situation where today a mere 62 people hold more property and wealth of all sort than the remaining 330 Billion people on the planet - combined. 48 of those 62 people are American, the majority of the remainder are Europeans.   You can bet most of them were on the Island for that meeting linked in the first paragraph.

It is further the understanding that Milton Freeman type "free trade" has failed and that International Capitalism has killed American Free Enterprise (except for the very wealthy) . . well if you want to call that observation Marxist - that is idiocy.

Rather, what it is, is Nationalist, i.e. knowing that a National Government willing to assert sovereignty over our borders to protect American Free Enterprise is the answer. That's Trump's answer. Bernie Sander's answer is surrender to the Globalist quickly and go full bore communist.

Donald Trump is a Nationalist who holds Traditional Conservative Ideas.  His Nationalism is so clearly defined that he attracts Independents and even a large portion of Democrats who realize that Globalism is destroying our Nation and choose to save our Nation as a Nation.  Even Chris Matthews gets it.

How is a Traditional Conservative different from a Neo-Conservative, which we have previously defined. Firstly he is a Nationalist, not an isolationist, as is the spurious claim, but a Nationalist.  After all, if you are not willing to commit to CONSERVING our Nation as a Nation, how can you claim the conservative title for anything?  NeoCons cannot be Conservatives even if they claim to hate abortion and gay marriage, Why?  Because they are Utopian Experimenters and have created only DISTOPIA. That is RADICAL WORLD REVOLUTIONARY PHILOSOPHY, NOT Conservatism. 

So then a Traditional Conservative if FIRST a Nationalist who seeks:
(1) True Sovereignty, which is Sovereignty in military command, Sovereignty in Governmental and Political matters, which includes economic Sovereignty

(2) Truly Secure Borders, because without secure borders none of the above are possible

(3) Exercise of that sovereignty creates protection of American Business and Industry.

(4) Which as a secondary effect protects both the American Middle Class and American Labor.

(5) Respect for the Bill of Rights, and all Constitutional Principles.
Because without that, you do not have a system of Constitutional Governance, reflective of the will of We The People.
Common Sense Liberty, Health and Wealth, based on personal responsibility and enterprise are the Hallmarks of Traditional Conservatism. International Capitalist Cronyism is the hallmark of Neo Conservatism at the top, and Cultural Marxism and poverty at the bottom with the destruction of the Middle Class necessary for the Globalist Control Mechanism to work. We see it working very well in Europe at the moment.

Now, tell me how being cognizant of the Globalist's ambitions, and  the projects created by the Globalists, like Agenda 21, and subverting Education into "Training" which is really Marxist Conditioning, and their gathering en masse seeking to stop Trump and his Nationalist Conservative Movement,  Marxist, Folk or otherwise?

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