Friday, March 18, 2016

Kill Trump Meetings: GREAT NEWS. 3.17.16

Good news from confidential insider information:

The two Stop Trump meetings yesterday, billed as "high ranking Republican Officials" were of a very different nature, importance and result.

(1) The meeting creating all the hate-filled smoke from which most of the incendiary "news leaks" were purposely produced yesterday, was conducted by Eric Erickson who is "unhinged" and unable to even contemplate his own defeat. Erickson and fellow Racoon Kamikaze Fanatics met in Racoon Hollow, snarled, squealed, bit each others tails and licked each others wounds. It was all noise and NO power.

(2) The second meeting in Palm Springs, was of a totally different character, with a small minority of "stop trump at any cost" fringe, and the massive majority of big named politicians and high stakes donors, looking shell shocked, discussing Trump's inevitability, and the need to come to grips with his nomination and make the best of it.

(3) And BTW, the Palm Springs Elites watched the reports of the angry meeting at Racoon Hollow with dismay, remarking "don't those stupid SOBs know they just made things worse for us?" The Palms Spring group was NOT coordinating with the Racoon Hollow group and were really angry that they were stirring up so much backlash and making their job harder. In fact creating an atmosphere, which caused some of the hardest of hardliners to throw up their hands in resignation to Trump's inevitability.

(4) Mega donors, both at the meeting and distance communicating with the meeting arrived willing to open the coffers, if a way forward could be convincingly made. No such scenario presented itself. Most, if not all, decided not to throw good money after bad. The meeting ended with an agreement to try to 'work something out with Trump' at a later date. Waiting ONLY for a miracle none of them believed would happen. When I pressed as to what sort of "miracle" I only got a shrug and something mumbled about Trump stumbling or Cruz suddenly becoming likable.

(5) My source summed it up this way, "So now the only real active opposition Trump has in the Party, are the fanatics funding Ted Cruz, who are motivated by raw hatred and revenge for the humiliation Trump handed to the Bush Family Cartel. "They are the only ones still financing Cruz. They would love to kill Trump or better humiliate him. But that doesn't translate into VOTES."

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  1. Wha, wha, whaaaaaaaaa.....pussies. Especially #RedState. Poor Baby Huey Erickson. He'll have to get a real job now.


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