Tuesday, March 1, 2016

NeoCon Review, Trump and the KKK Smear

The Globalists are spending HUNDREDS of MILLIONS on their Puppet Politicians, and Pundits, the pretend experts and pretend journalists of the CIAmerican Media; they are in ultra-panic mode, now turned very, very ugly and hateful trying to destroy DONALD TRUMP.

The NeoCon Globalist Cultural Marxist Review, ran an internet survey on the eve of Super Tuesday, asking:  Should Donald Trump's Refusal to Disavow the KKK Disqualify Him from the Republican Nomination?

The NeoCon Gobalist Cultural Marxist Review has a lot of nerve pretending to ask the American People's Opinion on anything, when their 22 hired guns published an extra addition to tell THE AMERICAN people of all creeds, colors, genders, religions and races, how stupid we all are for supporting Trump. They have proved in spades that they are nothing but a Globalist psy-opts rag, trying the herd people for their globalist masters.

(1) Trump has many times disavowed the Klan. 
(2) CNN Claimed that David Duke endorsed him. 
      (a) David Duke has not been a member of the KKK of decades 
      (b) David Duke has not endorsed ANYONE.
Here David Duke in his own words:

This was a set up by CIANN.
What confused Trump in the CNN interview, was Jack Tapper mumbled the name "The Southern Poverty Law Center" and Trump did not recognize that institution. He said repeatedly, I have never heard of that organization (you know damn well he has heard of the KKK, and if he thought the KKK was the subject he would have on Sunday disavowed it, just as he did on the previous FRIDAY and has many times. ) - the organization he was referring to was The Southern Poverty Law Center. And it is wonderful that Trump has never heard of that Cultural Marxist Organization, that smears anyone who tells the truth about Islam as members of Hate Groups and Islamophobes. It also smears anyone who says, "If black people have the right to be proud of being black, then white people have the right to be proud of being white."  That is common sense and reasonable, but not to Cultural Marxists, who you know as the Politically Correct Crowd.  Don't you know only BLACK Lives Matter, and Whites should apologize for merely BEING White.

In Fact, the psy-opts media's attack on the heterosexual white Christian male is relentless. 

I Hope you watched David Duke's response because it is a very interesting and intelligent response to Jake Tapper's smear of Donald Trump as a KKK sympathizer and fellow traveler with "white supremacists."  You do realize that David Duke is a FORMER KKK member, and ex-Congressman.  But then Senator Robert Byrd was also a FORMER KKK member, and he was President Protempore (head of) the U.S. Senate until 2010, 4th man in line to become President.  Trust me, taking the time to listen to Duke's reasoned response will NOT leave you with the urge to go suppress or kill minorities.

Open your minds folks, reasonable dialogue should be considered and we should NEVER take the word of self-appointed watch-dog groups, like the Southern Poverty Law Center, or the Anti-Defamation League or any other Cultural Marxist or Civilization Jihadi Group as the final word on any person or any subject.

Duke Link:

Watching the Globalist/Luciferian Machine, the lying politicians, and psy-opt media, try for months and months to sink a hook into Donald Trump to destroy him has been the most joyful and entertaining, though tense and prayerful, time in my life. He walks through wolf and wild dog packs and they cannot sink a tooth in him. He sits down in the snake pits and is "interviewed" by VIPERS, and he charms them, then destroys them. Every weapon of the enemy has been used and reused, and he remains unscathed, un-bruised, unharmed and VICTORIOUS.


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