Saturday, March 5, 2016

How The Game Is Played

 The Globalist/Marxist Jonah Golberg, wrote a piece for Neo-Con (National) Review, saying that Trump supporters should not complain about the GOP establishment's intention to rob Donald Trump of the nomination and thus rob US of our vote,  by a tainted convention, depriving the PEOPLE of their choice. 

He said, that Trump supporters should not complain about "how the game is played." So I thought I would give you a lesson in exactly how the game is played. How these NeoCon Marxists are playing the game in the world.  

Goldberg gloats about destroying the democratic reality in the GOP Primary and Convention Process. That is really mild. Because he has often gloated about the SLAUGHTER of Millions abroad for his NeoCon/Globalist/Marxist agenda. 

Speaking of how the game is played:

Remember that Donald Trump is the only Candidate that talks closer ties with Russia, (A Christian Nation) and greater cooperation with Russia in taking out ISIS in the Middle East, and standing against Jihadism in general. He knows that stance is an existential threat to the New World Order/Globalist psychopaths
and our own State Department and CIA, that have been conquered by Globalist/Marxists. These same Globalist CREATED ISIS. YES, the U.S. State Department, with the massive covert forces of the CIA, and sadly some military special forces (co-opted by the CIA) CREATED ISIS. ISIS is just another of the CIA's Jihadi Legions. Donald Trump is threatening that system.

None of the other candidates threaten this hellish system that has caused massive slaughter and persecution of Christians in the Middle East, because they are PART OF IT. They are NEO-Cons - fake conservative Globalist War Mongers.

The ultimate aim of the Neo-Cons is the Conquest of RUSSIA itself. The second communism fell, these same Neo-Cons started a CIA operation in Chechnya (a Muslim Provence in Russia) to create civil war in Russia. The war lasted several years in the 1990s. The Russians managed to prevail against the CIA, and drove them out of Chechnya.

The CIA revolution in Ukraine is for the same purpose, to weaken Russia for the final assault. This has to be stopped.


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