Friday, March 25, 2016

Ted Cruz Sex Scahdal, et al.

Ted Cruzombies are truly stupid, at least, those who are screaming FAKE and cursing people for sharing what has now become PUBLIC RECORD.  They do not have enough common sense to realize that each one of these women pictured, the National Enquirer has used their actual photograph and only pixelized their faces, three of the photographs have now been identified, everything in them is identical - thus identifying the women - if the story were fake, they would have a 100 million dollar suit, EACH. The National Enquirer is not suicidal, it is not going to gamble on a half a billion dollar lawsuit.

Wow that half a million dollar payment to the Carly Fiorina campaign, from the Ted Cruz gang back in the second quarter of last year, most probably was blackmail/hush money.  I know it did not make any sense to me at the time.  But "Sarah Isgur Flores" one of the identified paramours was Carly Fiorina's assistant Campaign Manager, at the time of the payment.  - you connect the dots, now the payment makes sense, after all Cruz was sitting on a 38 million dollar war chest, 36 million of which came directly from his three puppet masters.

Before you dismiss it "because it is just the Enquirer" remember they are the ones who broke the Gary Hart sex scandal, Bob Dole's long time mistress, Rush Limbaugh's Drug Addiction and the CIA's Drug importation business. They are not gambling against a possible HALF BILLION dollars in lawsuits, because they think they've got it wrong.

From Contributing Writer:

Lorie Butler Herberg

Actually it originated at Brietbart Dot Com and because they were owned by Cruz's top financier, they were forced to sit on it.
"For those of you less familiar with Twitter and “Hashtags” there was a considerable amount of apparent discussion under the hashtag “#TheThing“, where “The Thing” was knowledge of the Ted Cruz affairs.If you look up #TheThing and go back to March 10th – March 14th, what you’ll find are multiple conversations about finding someone, anyone, to report on the Ted Cruz affairs. The group pushing for the requested articles were seemingly all supporters of Marco Rubio. The apparent thinking was if they could get the media to pick-up the story prior to Super Tuesday, it would finish off Ted Cruz and allow Marco Rubio to win in several key elections and states.

Unfortunately, the truth-tellers ran into the corporate side of the media enterprises. Breitbart owned by pro-Cruz Super-PAC funder Robert Mercer was one of the roadblocks. The editor, Ben Shapiro, also now being named as one of the political advocates who would not allow his chosen candidate to be ‘outed”. Shapiro is also the Editor of The Daily Wire, which is also owned by a Pro-Cruz Super-PAC team, The Wilks Brothers.

It appears Shapiro buried and blocked the story because he, along with others, didn’t want to see Cruz negatively impacted. Unfortunately, this is brutal confirmation of the type of media bias we have discussed before. Pro-Rubio and Pro-Cruz corporate media intercepts refusing to allow sunlight upon their preferred candidate(s). (Salem Communications: Hugh Hewitt et al, NRO, Human Events, Twitchy, etc) and Pro-Cruz sites like Conservative Review (Mark Levin, and unfortunately Amanda Carpenter), Right Scoop, Red State, Insurgent etc. with an obvious reason to bury or not allow the story to surface."
Do you remember the threat from Anonymous, following the massive voter fraud in Kansas.  Notice that this story did not break until after there was even most "in your face" fraud in UTAH.


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  1. Twenty-five years ago, when I lived and worked in Hollywood in show biz and personally knew people whose story got written in The Enquirer, the Enquirer had the story exactly right. When you mention the lawsuits involved, I'm inclined to believe Ted is even creepier than I'd thought before, and that's saying something. Thanks for being one of the few blogs worth reading!!!!! And that's saying something, too.


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