Monday, March 28, 2016

Message to Globalist: You CANNOT Avoid the Reckoning

A message to the RNC/GOP, The RNC Rules Committee, and all the Globalist Psychopaths hell bent on stealing this election from WE THE PEOPLE represented by the Massive Trump Movement and Donald Trump. 

You cannot avoid the Reckoning. 

The question you have to answer is how do you want to receive it.

You hereby, have been given notice.

We will not be Silenced.

We will not submit to robbery.

We will not stand down.

We will re-ignite the LIGHT of LIBERTY, even if that Light is blood spattered or blood soaked.

Do you remember the Battle of Athen? which is sometimes called the McMinn County War? 

How specific do I need to be?

Read this link and see if you can understand what I am telling you.

This IS WAR - The Natural Right of Self-Defense

John Kennedy was mocked and I know killed for exposing the Globalists and not just exposing them, but taking concrete measures to combat them. You see, The Globalists are at War with us, and most people are hypnotized and don't even realize there is a WAR.  Back then they were commonly labeled "Western Imperialists." Some called them, as William Guy Carr did, Zionists, others call them "The Illuminiti,"  today they are most often called simply "Globalists."  It matters little what you call them, as long as you understand that they are the psychopaths who own most of the Central Banks in the world, and all the Central Banks in the West, who shuffle paper and create money out of thin air, who have created Generational Debt slaves of our nation and her people. This war is against the criminals that expose us to Jihad, who rape our economy, destroy our borders and tell us we should LIKE IT.

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