Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Donald Trump Caused the Brussels Terror Attacks.

OR More Insanity from Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz said that the Brussels Jihadi attacks were because Donald Trump who yesterday called for the reevaluation of the NATO alliance. Honest he said it. The man's an idiot.

John Kasich said that the terror attacks in Brussels were caused by "gaps in our security."

Obama said in Havana, while preening before a communist dictator, that the "events in Brussels happened because we were not FULLY UNITED."

Donald Trump said that we have to look at Muslim Immigration as a Trojan Horse and keep the horse outside the country until we learn to fully scan the guts of the beast and find the source of the hate. That until we discover the source of the tremendous hatred inside Islam, should halt all Muslim Immigration.

Which one do you think is right?

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  1. When I see the conservatives like Rush and Levin drooling over Ted Cruz, I am as shocked as I was when CNN called the 9/11 terrorist freedom fighters. There is a fanatic right and fanatic left that needs to be routed from power. Love Trump and his common sense which seems to be common to normal people, but not to anyone connected with politics.

    I had admired Ted Cruz until I saw with my own eyes what a completely ambition driven fanatic he was.


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