Friday, March 18, 2016

Hugh Halfwit Hewitt.

At the very top of my PUKE list of FAKE intellectuals, but real psy-opts herders, is Hugh Half-Wit. (Hewitt) He is the embodiment of the brain dead, faux intellectual class, who have used their fast tongues in more ways than one, selling their souls for semi-notoriety. 

 I have huuuuugh respect for genuine Truth Seekers, no matter their intelligence or educational level. I won't name them, because I would not want to embarrass them with my cutting-direct speak. The list includes some truly brilliant scientists, many PhD Scholars, Ultra-Talented Musicians and Artists, to the truly brilliant high school dropout business people who have amazed me with creative and original ideas and accomplishments, and even the truthful but simple souls. These I respect.

But I have no respect for those who feign erudition but have never had an original thought, and mistake their verbal skills for knowledge and worse wisdom. This WHORE and PC Parasite is part of the quasi-intellectual class that could not exist in a real world devoid of the distortions of the last forty years of the Cultural Marxist MIND WAR, waged upon us by the CIA. In this dumbed-down society, this pedantic prissy show puppet, passes as an intellectual.

I was reminded today, about the massive CIA financing of the media, the arts, publishing, how they took control of the dialectic decades ago, encouraging what fit their agenda, and discouraging and literally killing what did not. What they gave us were the vacuous Andy Warhols, Francis Bacons, John Cages, Bill Kristols, Gloria Steinems, and even pissy little Don Lemon and on and on the clown puppet list goes. At the very ass end, is this sleazer, Hugh Half-Wit.

All that to say, do you know what this Hugh Half-Wit just said on CNN this evening? 
He said, that this GOP primary election has become Ted Cruz's to lose, that now Ted Cruz has a clear path to the nomination. 
Do you know why this whore pundit fake intellectual would say such a transparently stupid thing?
 Because the people to whom he has sold his worthless soul TOLD HIM TO SAY IT.  And he BARKS on COMMAND. It is part of the psychological operation the Globalists and their puppets in politics and the media have been running on you for the last two days. They are HELL BENT on convincing YOU that a vote for Trump is a waste, because the fix is in, and he cannot get the nomination.

DO THE MATH, and pull your heads out of these psy-opts experts asses, and ride your RIGHTEOUS and MORAL ANGER to VICTORY, no matter what it takes. 
These Cultural Marxist, New World Order, Globalist MEAT PUPPETS Hate YOU. Nothing that ever escapes their lips resembles the TRUTH, and every word has one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to plant LYING IDEAS in your head. People regurgitate these implanted ideas to me everyday, and in their hypnotized state, believe it is original thought.  The psy-opts propaganda is so glaringly obvious at the moment, being exposed by Donald Trump's mere presence in the race, that even the Dullards among us ought to see it, ought to get it, ought to awaken from their decades long hypnosis.  
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