Thursday, March 10, 2016

Cracking the Dialectic

Some of us are getting inside the heads of the "wonkish pundit class." Chris Matthews grilled Reince Priebus yesterday, first laying out the split in the Republican Party as Traditional Conservatives vs Neo Conservatives and in less than thirty seconds he accurately defined both.  And of course he hammered him with the idea that the Traditional Conservatives were fed up with the carnage of Neo-Con Empire Building. He stated that the Tra-Cons weren't wild eyed angry brutes but thoughtful people who understand and hate Globalism and what it is doing to our country. Priebus could only mumble about party unity. I think some of us are having an impact.

Of course that IS the dividing line in this election. And Donald Trump is the ONLY Traditional Conservative in the Race, whose Traditional Conservatism REQUIRES the "conservation of our nation as a nation."  

At his very first press conference where he announced his candidacy he HAMMERED the promise to BUILD a WALL, and truly taking Sovereign Control over immigration, which is an existential threat to the Globalist's goals of building the North American Union, a new nation without borders between Mexico and Canada, or rather a New Administrative Region, in the Greater Globalist Government they are running full speed to create.  If you doubt this research and READ about Obama FAST TRACK Authority, POWER all the NEO-CONS gave to Obama, that has produced the Sovereignty DESTROYING, Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Trans-Atlantic Partnership Agreements. It VOIDS our present immigration laws and destroys our borders.  WAKE UP, PLEASE. You have to listen to Stephen Miller explain the reality of the perils of Globalism and where it presently stands.  Trump knows all about this and this is the "extraction" he keeps talking about.

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