Friday, March 18, 2016

America's Challenge.

Three of the four of these pictures, their parents were raised in the harsh realities of the Cold War, where basic human survival was an object lesson that created SANITY and also created a revival of Christianity in Russia.

The forth one, these insane creatures, were raised by parents who were raised on the Cultural Marxist Deconstruction of sanity, created by the American Psychological/Psychiatric establishment - psycho-political agents of Marxism. They were "trained" i.e., conditioned, (NOT EDUCATED) by Spockism used by their parents, BF Skinner Operant Conditioning and Pavlovian Conditioning used by their educators and amplified by the pop-Culture. This was not by accident, but by a purposeful two generational Deliberate Dumbing Down of Americans.

Now the poor victims are Hedonistic Solipsists, who hold no tied to reality whatsoever, and believe that reality is simply whatever they think it is.

Take a look at the picture folks and remember Saint Anthony the Great's description of insane depravity. We see it paraded at every gay right parade. And in more subtle forms on ever high school and college campus:

"He jumps about besmeared with his own feces, laughing and mocking others, unaware of his sad state, more to be pitied than condemned."

In short, these poor creatures, judgment has been removed.

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