Friday, March 11, 2016

Ben Carson Redeemed - Trump Endorsement.

Ben Carson would have never had the hubris to run for president had not the GOP/Globalist Elites sought to use his National Prayer Breakfast created fame, to create another 'conservative vote splitter' for their scheme to give the GOP nomination to the very unpopular Jeb Bush of the Bush Crime Family.  

THEY created for him the "National Draft Ben Carson Committee."  The reason I know that this was not a "grass roots effort" but Globalist-Cabal Astro Turf, is that of the initial five million dollar raised, less than two-hundred thousand of that money was disclosed from traceable sources. READ MORE 

The Cabal promoted Ben, fooled millions of people, who also donated in small amounts of money, (a very impressive showing), however, wasting their money on a scheme unaware. Then, when Trump entered the race they used Carson as a viable anti-Trump, knowing that no matter how popular Carson became, they owned his "kill switch" and could use it to take him out of the running at any time.  That kill switch was his auto-biography and certain claims Carson made, which were publicly contradicted by his mother decades ago. I wrote about this back in late summer, early fall, literally laughing at the time, realizing that Trump was using the kill switch on Carson, which the arrogant Bush Crime Family thought was reserved for their use.

At some point in the last eight months, Ben Carson realized how he had been used. It was not an immediate recognition, but step, upon step, the plot unfolded to his own vision.  I am sure he was shocked awake by Ted Cruz's dirty tricks in IOWA, but more shocked and INFORMED by the RNC/GOP's deafening silence on the subject. He also had to have been surprised at Donald Trump's coming to his defense, over and over again. That knowledge of GOP betrayal was cemented and became certainty, in the last few days when Neil Bush, Jeb Bush's Brother took control of Ted Cruz's Finances, and Cruz's Globalist Puppet strings were fully exposed. 

Ben Carson just redeemed himself in my eyes. 

At the press conference where he Strongly and without reservation endorsed Donald J. Trump, when a reporter asked him a question stating that Carson has in the past claimed that God led him to make certain decisions, “Did God lead you to Trump?” 

Carson said, “Indeed I have prayed a lot about this, and there have been certain signs, people who I haven't heard from in a very long time, calling saying they had had dreams about Trump and Carson, and great things happening. But I also think the most important way that God speaks to you is to give you wisdom and that wisdom says to me, that if we allow this attempt to disrupt the will of the people, (speaking of the RNC/GOP ELITES – and I'm sure the entire Globalist Cabal) to be successful, it will fracture the party in an irreparable way. That will hand the election to people who I personally believe would destroy our country. The reason I say that is because Hillary Clinton was a great friend of Saul Alinsky, she was on a first name basis with him when she was a student. Saul Alinsky wrote the book 'RULES FOR RADICALS' and if you haven't read it, I recommend that you read it, and see the kind of things that are recommended to change, to fundamentally change this nation from the Great Success that we have, to a Socialist Country. And the dedication page of that book, says, 'Dedicated to Lucifer, the original radical who gained his own kingdom.' I don't want anything to do with anything like that.”

This statement proves, that both Carson and Trump realize that one, the Globalist March is to Socialism, which Carson outlined more articulately in his opening statement. And two, that Globalist March is Luciferian at its core. And indeed it is.

At the press conference Donald Trump doubled-down on his anti-Globalist stance, stating that he would destroy every "multi-national" Trade Deal. He said as he has stated many times before, "I want INDIVIDUAL trade deals with individual countries. I don't want these multi-nation trade deals that China can exploit through the back door."  He also means without saying, which destroy American Sovereignty.  He even talked about not wanting to go to some authority or commission (he was speaking of Globalist entities created by these trade deals) to get a ruling, when we know we have been cheated.  "What good is that to get a ruling two years later that yes, America was right, we were cheated, after we have taken the economic hit, after the companies are close, or moved and the jobs lost."

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