Saturday, March 19, 2016

Media Psy-Opts for Dummies.

Sundance at Conservative Tree House wrote about the upcoming "Presidential Forum"  the first programming event of this election cycle that will include both Republican and Democrat Candidates, saying:

"The framing of media narratives, in opposition to those candidates they do not support, is a familiar pattern for CNN specifically"and he expertly gives some glaring examples.

INDEED that line would cause some people who are totally asleep (hypnotized) to question if "everything" they are seeing in the media is true, if they were to actually read it and take it seriously. And that is the purpose of the article, and it serves a very needed service.

HOWEVER, compared to reality it is such an understatement as to be false. After all the Movie "Wag the Dog" was about things CNN had been regularly doing since its first day of operation. It is how they began with their movie production "coverage" leading up to the First Gulf War, (the first invasion of Iraq) which was Total Theatrical Production i.e., invented Psy-opts, aimed not only at the enemy, but more intently aimed towards the American People to make them buy the "reasonableness" of the war.

I don't think Trump ever got over the fact that George HW BUSH, fooled him for a while. He is fully awake now, when he talks about the ridiculousness of the Kuwaiti Royalty who rented one of his luxury hotels in its entirety, and "lived like kings" while we spent lives and treasure to "liberate" their Kingdom and they paid NOTHING for it."They must think us fools." They paid for the Hotel, they just didn't pay anything to the AMERICAN PEOPLE, for OUR BLOOD AND TREASURE.

I remember seeing for instance, CNN's man supposedly in Tel Aviv, on a set that looked more like an office than a studio, with a gas mask on, claiming he was smelling something strange, i.e, drumming up tension and panic over nerve gas and they accidentally panned some non-on-air production talent and none of them had on gas masks.

I'm sure that Sundance means to ease hypnotized people into the idea that media may be actively fooling you, "upon occasion" when in fact it is a 24/7 constant Mind Control Herding device. The Sundance Article is Linked Here and well worth reading.

Here is CNN footage shot in studio in Atlanta, on a set, claiming to be in Saudi Arabia, complete with sound effects and visual effects as they build the tension, and footage off air where you can see the psy-opts agents joking around on the set.  As you see the video is labelled "1991 CNN HOAX" but it is not a "Hoax" it is Psy-Opts, funded by the Globalists, produced by CNN.  ALL their programming is to one degree or another of the exact same formula (Funded by the Globalists, produced by CNN).

 Nayirah al-Ṣabaḥ (Arabic: نيره الصباح‎), called "Nurse Nayirah" in the media, was a fifteen-year-old Kuwaiti girl, who alleged that she had witnessed the murder of infant children by Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait, in verbal testimony to the U.S. Congress, in the run up to the 1991 Gulf War. Her testimony, which was regarded as credible at the time, has since come to be regarded as wartime propaganda. The public relations firm Hill & Knowlton, which was in the employ of Citizens for a Free Kuwait, had arranged the testimony. Nayirah's testimony was widely publicized. Hill & Knowlton, which had filmed the hearing, sent out a video news release to Medialink, a firm which served about 700 television stations in the United States. That night, portions of the testimony aired on ABC's Nightline and NBC Nightly News reaching an estimated audience between 35 and 53 million Americans. Seven senators cited Nayirah's testimony in their speeches backing the use of force. President George Bush repeated the story at least ten times in the following weeks. (Wikipedia)

Full video at c-span video website.
The Congressional Human Rights Caucus conducted a hearing to investigate alleged Iraqi human rights violations in occupied Kuwait. Cases of rape, execution, imprisonment and the destruction of hospitals in Kuwait were heard by the committee.



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