Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Ted Cruz Against Common Core? One More Lie.

Neil Bush Joins Ted Cruz's Team.

What does it mean, that Neil Bush, the brother of the LOSER Jeb! Bush, and George W Bush, son of George Herbert NAZI Walker Bush, joined TED CRUZ'S Campaign Team? ? ? ? ?

Well, beside the fact that it proves that Ted is, as I have been telling you, a puppet of the Bush Crime Family, it also means that Ted's claim to be against Common Core is JUST ONE MORE LIE.  You don't have a founder and pillar of Common Core controlling your finances and be against Common Core, you just don't.  

"Bush 41 signed the Agenda 21 treaty with the United Nations calling for our Education to follow under the Karl Marx based Sustainable America. (the only place Sustainability is defined is in UN documents. The book, Our Common Future coined the term.)

Clinton continued with Agenda 21. He is close friends of the Bush family and supports the Karl Marx based Sustainable America while he gave away our technology to China. Goals 2000, School to Work, Sustainable America, NCLB, CCS are all the same program. The names have changed but the Anti-American rhetoric has not.

GW Bush 43, siblings are Pauline Robinson “Robin” Bush, John Ellis “Jeb” Bush, Neil Mallon Bush, Marvin Pierce Bush, and Dorothy “Doro” Bush LeBlond Koch.

In 1999, Neil Bush co-founded Ignite! Learning, an educational software corporation. Bush has said he started Austin-based Ignite! Learning because of his learning difficulties in middle school and those of his son, Pierce. The software uses multiple intelligence methods to provide varying types of content to appeal to multiple learning styles.

Ignite! Learning offers middle school curricula in social studies, science, and mathematics. The company’s instructional design is based on constructivism, differentiated instruction, and Howard Gardner’s writing on multiple intelligences to appeal to multiple learning styles.

To fund Ignite!, Neil Bush and others raised $23 million from U.S. investors, including his parents, Barbara Bush and George H.W. Bush, as well as businessmen from Taiwan, Japan, Kuwait, the British Virgin Islands and the United Arab Emirates, according to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

As of 2006, at least $2 million had come from Taiwanese interests that had given Neil Bush a job consulting for a semiconductor manufacturer, and at least $3 million came from Saudi interests. A foundation linked to Reverend Sun Myung Moon donated $1 million for a research project by the company in Washington, D.C.-area schools. Now it makes sense why the school book texts are Islamic biased with little reference to Christians. Why FBI and military training material has removed words like Islamic terrorist, Jhad etc.

In 2002, Ignite! entered into a partnership with a Mexican company, Grupo Carso to outsource many software and product development functions. Regarding the deal, Ignite! President (then CFO) Ken Leonard stated, “That’s turned out to be great.” Ignite! laid off 42% of its in-house workforce (21 individuals) in preparation for the partnership. (outsourcing initiated by Clinton who signed, NAFTA)

Leonard said that outsourcing production will give it the resources to develop additional course software more quickly, and that the company wants to develop an entire middle school curriculum featuring the basics of language arts, math and science. (or was it to be able to pay less in salary and keep more profit?)

Deceased Russian billionaire expatriate Boris Berezovsky had been an investor in Bush’s Ignite! program since at least 2003. Berezovsky’s partner Badri Patarkatsishvili, Kuwaiti company head Mohammed Al Saddah, and Chinese computer executive Winston Wong.

Imagine that. All these foreign bureaucrats putting a hand into our school system here in the USA!

As of October 2006, over 13 U.S. school districts (out of over 14,000 school districts nationwide have used federal funds made available through the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001) in order to buy Ignite’s products at $3,800 apiece which is Neil Bush’s company !

In December 2003, a Washington Post Style article said that Ignite! was paying Neil Bush a salary of $180,000 per year.

So is Jeb Bush pushing Common Core in Florida so Neil Bush can fund his software company? IMAGINE THAT !

I am a former teacher who remembers real teaching not training. Big difference between education and training. As a former teacher, you Senator, should be appalled at the content of the material that is Anti-American, anti -Judeo-Christian, anti-family. You would have to read the content of emotional, factless, material based on the demise of America. Maurice Strong UN, said, “In order to save the planet we must destroy capitalism”. Now in school, Capitalism has become a dirty word. Did you read any of the material? You are OK with the propaganda about phony man made climate, phony sustainable developments, Jesus being a Palestinian, Mommy being a nag, doing more for less, America being the reason for all of man’s problems, mandatory volunteerism, man being the enemy of the earth? The people touting CCS are the same people who are paid by CCS to promote CCS.

The framers of the Constitution would be horrified as to what education has become. To them school was the place where students learned reading, writing, arithmetic, freedom, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, civics, constitution, responsibility, consequences, logic, reason and cognitive thinking so they could evaluate their own lives and make choices for their own destiny. Instead we have government training, social programs and a one sided progressive training so kids learn how to push an APP instead of thinking. Eliminating texts enable history to be altered at the stroke of the delete key.

Am I wrong? Go take a test from 1920 there are plenty of them online. See how well you do and you will discover what our kids ARE NOT learning as we fill their classes with feel good programs like: drugs, sex, bullying, gender, race.

So Senator Legg, I suggest you read the content of the material then bring back your evaluation of what America you want to live in, one of OBE – Outcome Based Education where the outcome is determined by the government – what we have now? Or Opportunity Based Education, the one from our framers crafted where every individual has the same opportunity to determine their destiny following the rule of law as laid out in our Constitution?


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  1. The Bush Crime Family and the Clinton Crime Family are PURE Evil! Remember HitlerCore and StalinCore?

  2. Thank you for putting links up for The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. I have been pitting this link out for the past year at least.


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