Monday, March 14, 2016

24/7 Censure of Donald Trump

 Has anyone asked the NEO-CON REVIEW, where was their Against Obama issue? 

How about an Against the Globalist Criminals Issue?  

How about an Against the Criminal Oligarchs Issue?

How about an Against Political Bribery Issue?

How about an Against Generational Debt Slavery Issue?

How about an Against Propaganda in the Media Issue?

How about an Against Slaughtering our precious and best young people for Empire Building Issue?
Turned on network media (CNN) for fifteen minutes and that was all I could stomach. It is both comical and sickening to see them trashing Trump, and trying to find language to justify their trashing, without bringing up the subject of the Globalist Criminals for whom they work, in their effort to obscure the demarcation line in this election. 

That demarcation line is between the Globalists and all the Globalist Puppets running and those Globalist Puppets spinning in the Media, vs Donald J. Trump, the ONLY America FIRST Nationalist in the race and his Massive Movement of America FIRST Nationalists who support him. I am one.

If they mention nationalism it is stated with the same slashing and wounding intent that NAZISM  is hurled. (NAZISM was socialist by the way) Or they make slurs about "protectionism" as if allowing Free Trade to degenerate into Slave Trade is a good thing.

You do realize that in a classical way of speaking the Media has engaged in eight months of 24/7 Censuring Trump.

1. the expression of formal disapproval: "angry delegates offered a resolution of censure against the offenders" synonyms: condemnation, criticism, attack, abuse, reprimand.

1. express severe disapproval of (someone or something), typically in a formal statement

The Latin philosopher Juvenal said, "Censure pardons the ravens, but rebukes the dove." 

I say in this age in our psy-opts media, Censure uplifts the liars and assassinates the TRUTH TELLERS.  After all, how much lying was done, in preachy rhetoric trying to blame the Bernie Sanders violent disrupters  on Donald Trump and his supporters?  

The English writer and physician Walter Pope said, "The villain's censure is extorted praise." Nothing is more morally satisfying than to see the rapist or the murderer screaming "God Damn YOU!" at the people who exposed him and turned him in. 

Donald J. Trump has exposed the media and the establishment to be, VILLAINS. And they are screaming "GOD DAMN YOU, Donald Trump!" Their non-stop condemnation, criticism, attacks, abuse and outright reprimands of Donald J. Trump, are in fact PRAISE of Trump's character, of his bravery to state the truth and expose REALITY, in an age of UNIVERSAL LIE.  That Truth Telling he is doing, is Revolutionary as Orwell said it would be, "without borders you don't have a country. I'm sorry, you just don't" - Donald J Trump. Just that single statement ALONE makes Trump an TRUE Existential Threat to the Globalist and their Criminal System of National Robbery and Debt-Slaving. 

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