Monday, March 21, 2016

Trump Names Foreign Policy Team.

Donald Trump just proved that he is everything I have been telling you he is. I also told you that when he picked his Foreign Policy Team that you would have to Google the names to discover who they are, because they would not be from the hackneyed list of Globalist War Horses and Traitors. Out of the list only one energy expert, who previously had ties to the CFR. No hidden skunks in the group, but I am going to research each, this is a cursory reading. 
I've been saying ad nauseum that "Trump is an America FIRST Nationalist. He is not an interventionist, but he is not an ignorant doctrinaire isolationist, like Ron Paul."

He stated that he wants to reevaluate the need for NATO, and make the Europeans pay for their own defense.  Our continuing to pay for their defense has been a rape of American citizens and for reasons of EMPIRE BUILDING and NOT for reasons of legitimate self-defense.  Despite the CONSTANT CIAmerican Media brainwashing to the contrary, Russia has been non-aggressive in the post Soviet era.  However NATO, meaning the GLOBALIST AGENDA has been very aggressive with the expansion of NATO up to the Russian Border.  Again this is a Globalist Operation Donald Trump is going to cut off at the knees. The Globalists have used NATO as a means to make European Nations mere vassal states to the New World Order. It has been shameful and Europe is suffering terribly from it and SO ARE WE.

Here is the initial Donald Trump Team:

Senator Jeff Sessions - needs no introduction. Probably the LAST true conservative in the U.S. Senate. 

Wow, Walid Phares is an unabashed anti-jihadi, and if you doubt it, read his books.

Lt. General Keith Kellog, a strategic and weapons expert. A strong defense and non-interventionist advocate. While in the military, Kellogg was director of command, control, communications and computer systems at the Defense Department and principal adviser to the Joint Chiefs of Staff on matters relating to command and control.

The honorable Joe Schmitz, was inspector general at the Department of Defense. He knows where the waste fraud and abuse is.

Carter Page, is a Distinguished Graduate of the US Naval Academy where he was a Trident Scholar. He holds an MA in National Security Studies from Georgetown University, an MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business and a PhD from the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies. He was formerly a CFR member, expert on global energy resources.

Mr. George Papadopoulos, was previously an analyst and research fellow/associate at the Hudson Institute in Washington D.C. His research predominantly focused on the geopolitics and energy security changes of both the Caspian and Eastern Mediterranean and their impact on U.S. strategy. Mr. Papadopoulos designed the first ever project in Washington, D.C. think tank history on U.S., Greece, Cyprus and Israel relations at a symposium entitled “Power Shifts in the Eastern Mediterranean: The Emerging Strategic Relationship of Israel, Greece, and Cyprus.” Mr. Papadopoulos is a private consultant, speaker and writer on energy policy and has presented at numerous conferences throughout the Middle East.

This in toto, but especially Phares and Papdopoulos is putting the Muslim World on notice that it is not going to be business as usual.

Having just listened to Trump first serious foreign policy speech, where he called the U.N. Anti-American and Anti-Israel.  I was waiting for him to expose that the U.N. has been co-opted by the League of Arab Nations, the larges voting block at the U.N., but he didn't go quite that far.  He said rather that the would "contain" the anti-American and anti-Israel actions of the U.N.  He just explained in CODE Language that Agenda 21 is HISTORY.  His promise to take on the Bureau of Land Management, the over reach of the EPA and the destruction of Common Core, is also CODE Language that Agenda 21 is HISTORY.

Here is that AIPAC Speech.  I encourage you to listen to it, and realize it was on the eve of the Brussels Terror attacks.  You will quickly realize that Trump was very insightful about what the true dangers are.  

To understand the wisdom of the people Donald Trump has named, as the first members to his foreign policy team, all one has to do is see the screaming panic from the hackneyed list of Globalist War Horses and Traitors, provided you by the Neo-Con (National) Review.

Donald Trump's decision to release the names of five foreign-policy advisers on Monday may have been meant to dispel mounting anxiety over the GOP front-runner's unfathomable worldview. If that was his intent, the move failed miserably. Far from assuaged, many in Washington's foreign-policy crowd are now more apprehensive than ever about the people who have Trump's ear. Most had never heard of any of the advisers, and what they have heard hasn't exactly inspired confidence."

One well-respected expert at a conservative think tank tells National Review that neither she nor her co-workers had heard of most of the names on the list. But she did know Schmitz. “He’s just a nut,” she says, requesting anonymity in order to speak freely. “I mean, he’s just widely held in contempt throughout Washington. And he was held in contempt when he was at DOD.”

Notice that scum is hiding under a rock, unwilling to stand behind her words.

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