Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Breitbart is reporting, 3/8/2016

"Multiple sources are reporting that GOP insiders, governors, donors, and tech CEOs recently gathered at two separate meetings to keep GOP frontrunner Donald Trump from winning the party’s nomination for president."  READ MORE

WARNING were these Globalists able to stop Donald Trump, and place some Puppet as nominee, unless Trump went third party, I would be pleading with you, with all the energy I have used to get you to support Trump, NOT TO VOTE IN THE GENERAL ELECTION.

Now of course Useful Idiots, hypnotized by the Left v Right Checker Game, the Globalist have created to keep you occupied and thinking yourself informed will say, "But if you don't vote for the eventual Republican nominee, you are voting for Hillary." Hillary is a Puppet of the Globalist, but so is EVERY CANDIDATE IN THE RACE from BOTH PARTIES, with one blessed exception, Donald J. Trump.


A Challenge to all the geniuses who are supporting Ted Cruz, and/or the "ANYONE BUT TRUMP" movement. What has the Republican party succeeded in doing in the last 30 years but year after year capitulating to Cultural Marxism and Globalism. If there is something I've missed, some great accomplishment, please share.

BTW, this question has been asked of tens of thousands of non-Trump Supporters and so far the answer is CRICKETS. TOTAL SILENCE.

Do you know that even Gov. Kasich's claim to have "balanced the federal budget" is a bold faced LIE.

"Make no mistake, no one forces us to choose evil, even if the proposition presented to us is the lesser of two evils, we DO NOT have to choose it.  If we choose evil, it is our own act of evil choosing. When Jesus was confronted by evil choices, he created another way. And ultimately before assenting to the lying religious culture of his birth, he chose DEATH ON A CROSS.  How many of the martyrs when presented with an evil choice, chose death rather than evil."  - Archpriest Symeon Elias

Our choices are serious.  Our choices have consequences. Whether we vote for Republican slavery behind door number one, or Democrat slavery behind door number two, IT IS THE SAME SLAVERY.

There was a reason that it was a felony NOT to vote in the Old Soviet Union. Because voting in the Soviet Union was assenting to be governed by Tyrannical Communist Rule. Voting here, for another Globalist Puppet, would be assenting to be governed by Tyrannical Globalist Rule. And trust me when I tell you, what the Globalists have in mind for us is not so very different than what the Communists had in mind for us. Both the Communists and the Radical International Capitalists i.e., Globalists are part of the same movement, the World Revolutionary Movement, that came to be called the World Unity Movement, that came to be called the New World Order, that came to be called Globalism.

We have had a Marxist Muslim Globalist Terrorist in the White House for 7 years who has governed with psychological intimidation, encouraged mobs violence in the streets, placed Christianity under siege, wrecked havoc in the Middle East, actively sought War with Russia (through Syria and Ukraine) tried to herd the American People to willingly disarm, through the use of HELLISH False Flag Operations, like Sandy Hook/Newtown, and the Chapel Hill False Flag Murders and several others.

No Globalist Puppet you can elected will change this. And every candidate in the race, except Donald J. Trump is a Globalist Puppet. The Globalists FINANCE them and manipulate them behind the scenes and SELECT two, so you can PRETEND your vote counts. Donald Trump is the only candidate that stands outside this system Harvard Professor Lessig explains in this video.  Don't scream at me that he is a leftist, I know that, but my research uncovered the SAME FACTS he related very well in this video.  Namely 132 people control BOTH the Republican and Democrat Parties. And Trump is outside this paradigm, the ONLY true "outsider" in the race.

Under the circumstances of Tyranny only the people who DO NO VOTE strike fear in the hearts of the Ruling Elite. Following the 2014 election for two week all Obama could talk about was the very high percentage of people who "REFUSED" to vote. He talked about, "how do we make them feel they have a place, a stake in deciding America's future?" "How do we get them to see that Government works for them?" All that was code for "My God, they are not buying it." And the crowds Trump has, is and will turn out for his Rallies, PROVE they are still NOT buying it. The IT is Tyrannical Globalism, given us by the Republican and Democrat Parties. 


  1. I was put in facebook jail for three days for daring to post this very true article to my OWN groups. WAKE UP FOLKS, it is tens seconds from TOO LATE.

  2. Don't remember how I found your blog, but I am thrilled I found it, I tell others what I have read here. I have also read about some of this article many years ago. TRUMP or no one!!


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