Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Would Be Assassin, Michele Fields?

For those of you who thought I was "over reaching" talking about the object in Michele Field's hand, when Corey Lewandowski, backed her off Trump (which she is claiming was assault) notice that Trump mentions that "first, she had a pen in her hand, which secret service is not liking, because they don't know what it was, whether it's a little bomb or . . . " Then CIA operative Anderson Cooper cuts him off to turn back to the Psy-opts meme, that Lewandowski lied, claiming that he did not know her. You can't know everyone and until this BS popped up, her name didn't ring a bell with me and her face was NOT familiar. Of course he didn't know her. But that aside, I was reading it correctly when I said that Trump was suspicious of her, and was pulling his arm away from her. He had the same thought I did. If he didn't think she was a possible assassin, he would have never mentioned an object in her hand and the Secret Service concerned.


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