Monday, March 28, 2016

Globalist Experts Vs Donald Trump & JFK

The Globalist Experts (not the Experts on Globalism) but the Globalist Psy-Opts Experts . . . do you understand the distinction? I am an expert on Globalism, and I have several friends who are experts on Globalism, and such people are never given space in the Globalist Psy-Opts Media.

The ONLY "foreign and domestic" policy experts you are allowed to hear, are Globalists. The only experts on Terrorism you get to hear, are Islam Compliant (Dhimmi) Globalists. And it does not matter if they are left leaning or right leaning in the little Left/Right Hegelian Checkers game the Globalists created to keep us busy, while they played Three Dimensional Chess and destroyed our Republic, filled it with illegal aliens, extracted our wealth and jobs, left us with a semi-socialist welfare state, with generational debt slavery and an Omni-Surviellance National Security Police State, apparatus that scoffs at Constitutional restrictions and has abandoned true Rule of Law. If rule of law applied, we could not have the felon Hillary Clinton on the left, and the Canadian, Ted Cruz, on the right, running for president. But they share something in common, they are both servants of the Globalists, and thus above the law.

The Globalist Psy-Opts Experts tell us that Donald J.Trump does not understand "how the World Order was formed." I will submit to you that he became fully aware of it a generation ago, and fully aware when American Foreign Policy became an enemy of the American People.

John Kennedy was mocked and I know killed for exposing the Globalists and not just exposing them, but taking concrete measures to combat them. You see, The Globalists are at War with us, and most people are hypnotized and don't even realize there is a WAR.  Back then they were commonly labeled "Western Imperialists." Some called them, as William Guy Carr did, Zionists, others call them "The Illuminiti,"  today they are most often called simply "Globalists."  It matters little what you call them, as long as you understand that they are the psychopaths who own most of the Central Banks in the world, and all the Central Banks in the West, who shuffle paper and create money out of thin air, who have created Generational Debt slaves of our nation and her people. This war is against the criminals that expose us to Jihad, who rape our economy, destroy our borders and tell us we should LIKE IT.

John Kennedy understood and stated that our nation at the time of the Cold War faced TWO enemies to Liberty.  You have been told for 50 years that we only faced ONE enemy in that era and that was Soviet Communism.  But Kennedy knew better, he knew it was TWO enemies; one was Soviet Imperialism, but the other was Western Imperialism. He said, "If we fail to meet the challenge of either Soviet or Western imperialism, then no amount of foreign aid, no aggrandizement of armaments, no new pacts or doctrines or high-level conferences can prevent further setback to our course and to our security." 

The terrorism already on our shores is a bloody demonstration of this, double and redoubled in the E.U., (the Euarabian Union). Do you think that the Politburo of the European Union is different than the Politburo of the Soviet Union?  The name European Parliament is cosmetics to cover up a Politburo, a Central Control Apparatus, populated by Apparatchiks not elected and not answerable to the people they "control."

History has proved John Kennedy right, Soviet Imperialism was destroyed, and Western Imperialism, now called Globalism, conquered the Western World INCLUDING the United States of America. Donald Trump is mounting a Counter-Revolution, to wrest control of American Governance from the CONTROL of the Globalists. 

Kennedy further said that if either one won, we would reap a "bitter harvest" and left with the grim choice "between radicalism and feudalism."

I thought we had reached that place in American history and have written much about our choices being radical resistance or excepting the techno-feudalism the Globalist have in store for us. I have seen the plan, Agenda 21 a large part of it and it is not pretty. It includes herding population into defined massively populated human ghettos, it includes the destruction of Classical Education, the latest assault being (Common Core) and hypnotic and drug induced dumbing down of populations and genocide, euphemistically called "depopulation." The plan is well underway already on this planet. For instance nations in Africa cannot get aid to combat Jihadis, without submitting to genocidal pre-conditions. They are literally left to the choice of hard genocide by Jihadism and constant war, or soft genocide by U.N. mandated programs.

For me, for any Liberty loving person or True Christian, Luciferian Feudalism, in a Dhimmi Compliant World System is NOT an option. And until August of 2015 I believed that Radical Resistance was our only option. I WAS WRONG. It appeared this way, until Donald Trump entered the race and began to speak the Truth. They call him radical, but he is not, he may actually save us from having to become radical to save our Nation as a Nation from the enemy that is Globalism.

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  1. There is little to disagree with here. I support Trump, but only because of the points you make here. I am a businessman and fully understand where Mr. Trump is coming from. His challenges for his business are mine as well. Yet, he does concern me. He seems to have no capacity for admitting when he has been wrong, has no control of his tongue, and he really never thought he would go this far in the race. He just knew he had to get the discourse where it has gone and he succeeded tremendously at that. It concerns me that he could say things as POTUS that could inflict great damage with our relations with other countries. I believe that the best thing the GOP can do is to accept the clear will of the people, but then those who believe in his message need to buddy up with him and help him to assemble a qualified cabinet. TPP, in its present form, cannot happen. It will set the stage for all that you describe. That is the most important reason why we need someone like Trump. No one else even understands this, or else they are beholden to it. Cruz is a ruse and is well vested with globalist support, despite his appearances. I pray that God will grant Trump wisdom and demeanor to handle this task and that the principalities and powers will not be able to touch him. I don't believe we will have another chance. But, it looks like the battle is going to be long and hard, and a lot for one many to stand against. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Webb Kline

    1. You are a hoot. Typical looking the gift horse in the mouth. Instead you ought to be on your knees thanking a merciful God that we have a chance to avoid Civil War. But you show your hypnosis when you say things like, "TPP, in its present form cannot happen." THINK, what is destroying our Sovereignty? International Trade Deals that set up International Authorities HIGHER than the laws limited by the American Constitution. Idiot, TPP cannot ever BE in ANY FORM whatsoever.

      To maintain sovereignty, ALL present Trade Deals have to be dismantled, AS individual trade deals are struck with individual countries. (BTW Trump has stated this on many occasions) NO MORE of these Globalist Trade Deals that destroy Sovereignty.


      What is the pattern, the European Common Market morphing into the Soviet style European Union? NAFTA, morphing into the North American Union. It would ALREADY be complete, having been done in secret, if Lou Dobbs had not blown the whistle and the American Population Screamed, Hell no! Heidi Cruz was at the center of the plot.

  2. I agree that it has to be dismantled. Ideologically speaking, I agree with Trump, and that would be great if he can get that to pass. I've written a lot of congressmen, though, and it would be a huge battle, as their pockets are well lined with globalist, money, which is in my estimation why they are bent on trying to destroy him. My business lived through the NAFTA debacle, went bankrupt once from it when GM, Ford, and Chrysler send their plants to Mexico and pull the rug out from under thousands of their cottage industry suppliers throughout the rust belt. And then the final blow being inviting China into WTO, which was even more devastating than NAFTA. The balance is that if we need exporting, and that is where it will be tricky. If Trump can wrangle a way to do make these deals with individual countries, that would be a great gift indeed.

    But, I'm with you. Trump is divine intervention and our last chance. You said one thing, which I am certain is true, and it is encouraging, and that is that there are probably no more than 3000 people in this cabal. Powerful people, to be certain, but Trump's candidacy is creating the effect of both waking people up and simultaneously bringing people out of the closet who are blowing the whistle collectively against these thugs. I'm encouraged, but I am praying. Trump has to know how much his life is in jeopardy. That a man of his stature is willing to make that sacrifice is telling. Now if we can just get the masses to stop believing the globalist-bought media lies...

    1. You show your hypnosis, believing as you do that Congress has any power at this moment in our history. Read "The Ghost of the Republic." You will find it hard to believe, but you will not be able to disprove a fact shared in that article. Much of what you say is simply without foundation because you had now done the homework, to really and truly answer these three questions, (1) Where are we as a Nation? (2) How did we get here? (3) Can I objectively prove my answers to 1 and 2? Here is the link


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