Saturday, March 19, 2016

When was Nancy Pelosi NOT Lying?

My dear friend John JAK Kirbow taken on this day four years ago. Do you recognize the witch in the picture with JAK? Yes that is the infamous, "You have to pass the bill to see what is in it" Nancy Pelosi.

Do you realize that when Nancy Pelosi dismissed the TEA PARTY movement as "astro-turf" and not a real grass roots movement, she was MOSTLY NOT LYING.

One thing that the Tea Party favorite candidates like Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz have PROVED is they were Puppets of the GOP/Globalist Establishment and NOTHING about the was "grass roots" and REAL. My God, the head of finance for Ted Cruz is none other than Neil Bush, the Swindler, Jeb! Bush and George W Bush's BROTHER.

I written much about the FAKE Tea Party movement, like that idiot in the Tri-Cornered Hat who planned the walkout on Donald Trump at the last CPAC meeting, which Trump was wise enough to avoid. I exposed him as an insider NeoCon four years ago. And Matt Kibbe and FREEDOM WORKS - TOTALLY FAKE - Matt was a head money guy at the RNC, when he suddenly appeared on Psy-Opts Fox News and CNN as "a Tea Party Spokesman." And Judson Phillips, I exposed him also YEARS ago as the same "astro-turf" FAKE Tea Party.

While TRUE Patriots, who were willing to adopt the name Tea Party were meeting in their living rooms, fellowship halls and community centers trying to answer the questions, (1) Where are we? and (2) How did we get here? AND were listening to Astro Truf psy-opts agents like Mark Levin and Glen Beck. The Astro-Turf Tea Party movement had custom made big shinny buses, emblazoned with their colors and various names, crisscrossing the Nation getting Globalist Puppets elected, LIKE the two previously mentioned, and Nikki Haley and a host of other Governors and ALL of them, except the very few who have jumped on the America FIRST Nationalist, Trump Train, are Globalist Puppets.

CONSERVATIVES, listen to me. Those who don't know the history, who ignore the history, are bound to re-live it. WAKE UP Please.

Did you know that these ASTRO-TURF Tea Party People, people who were or became psy-opts HERDERS for the Globalists were making MILLIONS of Dollars BETRAYING YOU. Here is just one example where your Hero Dick Army made EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS off the movement. And that is just one of HUNDREDS of the PIGS who SCREWED YOU.

EVERYONE of these Tea Party people you got elected voted against the DISCLOSE ACT, which had it passed would have exposed their Puppet Strings and their Puppet Masters, like the Rockefeller Foundation, George Soros and his myriad CIA/Front Organizations and Citi-Bank and the BIGGIE Goldman Sachs.

WAKE UP PEOPLE, we have to be smarter than this. We have to Elect the ONLY America FIRST Nationalist in the RACE, the MAN (all capital letters) who has placed his OWN LIFE and the life of his FAMILY in DANGER, to free our Nation from these Criminals, DONALD J. Trump.

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