Sunday, July 17, 2016

Heterodoxy (other than Orthodox) Christianity Vs The Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith

God I get tired by people posting their broken protestant mythologies and theologies on my threads. They speak such ignorance with such arrogance, and in their many iterations on the same subjects, all believing something opposite or at least skewed from the previous person, yet they all believe they are "teaching the bible." It may come as a shock to you but I don't believe "the bible"; I believe only Sacred Scripture AS it is reflected in the Christian Faith and Christ’s Body the Church, which is the source of the texts, those Protestants influenced by Islam call, "The Book."
I can see the accusation, “Archpriest Symeon does not believe in the Bible.”  It is true, I don’t.  But I love, have respect for, study, cherish the Church’s Sacred Scriptures.  Simply put, outside of the Apostolic Church, the one confessed in the Christian Creed, “The Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church” scripture has NO context.  It does not belong to the Talmudic Jews, they have abandoned it and it does not belong to the Heterodox they have both destroyed it and made an IDOL of it.

Let me give you a picture of the Church vs the Heterodox, (other than Orthodox) you have never heard before. I've never spoken it because it was my personal observation coming to Orthodoxy; an observation bought with a life lived in the heterodox fire and years absorbing and entertaining its myriad confused theologies and practices.

The psychological group mentality teaches us a very important lesson about the Apostolic Church vs The Collection of Heterodox groups.  Group Mentality says that a group, in common life sinks to the lowest common denominator.  Take a family whose one parent is a beast; the whole family is degenerated by that beast, every life in that home becomes dramatically less because of the influence of that beast.  Take an angry mob, the group moves toward and follows the most demonstrably angry ones.  Take a conversation around dinner tables in a hunting lodge, some highly educated professionals and some school dropouts, the conversation will quickly move to the lowest common denominator; to communicate they have to move to what they hold in common.   The standard of a medical practice or plumbing company will quickly degenerate to the level of the least dedicated physicians/plumbers, etc., etc.  

Now as to Apostolic Church, I am not talking about "apostolic" as era in time but apostolic as in content, VS the other than Orthodox Bible Believers of all sorts, both the Sola Scriptura heretics and the Sola Fide heretics and all mutations in between, and the Christian Zionists, and other cultists et al.   History has proved that because of the presence of Jesus Christ in his Holy Spirit in her Thanksgivings (Eucharists) and HIS physical presence upon the Altars of her "communion" (Koinonia) the some total is better than the parts, or in group psychological terms, the Orthodox Church defies the law of lowest common denominator and rather it rises towards its highest common denominator who is the God Man/Jesus Christ, and produces clarity, faithfulness, fullness of the Gospel and not the preservation of Tradition, but the LIFE of it “communion in Christ” (Ortho-Doxia and Ortho-Praxis) and amazingly this Church is filled with self acknowledges SINNERS, from those witnessing sanctity in themselves (coming to sainthood) to the lowest struggling pervert, self-acknowledged SINNERS ALL.

Where on the other hand the Protestant movement is filled with self-acknowledge saints, people who haven't sinned or asked forgiveness for sins for very long times, who find the idea of confession abhorrent, who operate in great spiritual gifts with many, (especially in the Evangelical, Fundamentalist Bible societies) claiming a very close personal relationship with Jesus Christ. And yet it (The entire Heterodox Movement) spirals toward its least common denominator, The Liar and The LIE. As witnessed by the fact that the collective whole has produced deeper and deeper levels of chaos and delusion, spiritual hubris, collective theological insanity, and woeful degrees of apostasy; the Culture of Death and Sodomy in America and near total apostasy in Europe.  It sat by silently as more TRUE CHRISTIAN Martyrs were produced in the 20th century than all previous centuries of Christian History COMBINED, and even aided in FINANCING this genocide in cooperation with the Wall Street Zionists.  And very amazingly, it is hard to find a self-acknowledged sinner among them, yet they have produced the "Enlightenment Movement" which is nothing but the perennial paganism of Luciferianism (accept these heresies and you will KNOW THE MIND OF GOD) and all its children, Marxism, Communism, Liberal Theology, the two sided coin of Biblical Rationalism (1) Biblical Deconstructionism and (2) Biblical Fundamentalism and the common semi-Arianism they collectively hold, where it leads inexorably to the conclusion that God is great and Jesus is somehow less, even if he is reduced to their pocket-sized best friend, (most times their ego in the mirror) or elevated above the Holy Trinity as some over arching Christic Principle of Love, (Ecumenism).  The Roman Popes have excelled at producing the latter.

Now in all fairness we know there are some devils in Orthodoxy more than a few, and some saints in Heterodoxy, more than a few, we have witnessed both. But we are not talking about "personal salvation" but the witness of the Church in history, vs the Witness of Heterodox/Protestantism and all the isms it has produced in history. Simple fact, the saints produced in Protestantism were moving toward Orthodoxy, (read the books of Corrie Ten Boom and the witness of her life) and the devils in Orthodoxy are moving toward Luciferianism to which all heterodoxy is compromised and I dare say “comprised” (witness the Heresiarchs of Crete 2016).  

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