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THE GRIEF I CARRY - BY Archpriest Symeon Elias

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Grief I Carry: The Republic is a Myth

Here I am, Archpriest Symeon Elias, with my pastor, Archbishop ALEXANDER (Bykowetz) fifth generation Orthodox Priest, and a survivor of the Holodomor.  There were thirty years difference in our ages, and who could guess it by our appearance? 

In the 1990s one day Vladka (father) turned to me and said, “ Father Symeon, why is it that these news people seem to want to destroy everything that is good about America, while they glorify everything that is evil. They attack everything and every person that deserves praise and glorify every evil. I have written many letters to the news media and explained to them the dangers of engaging in this evil bias and they answer politely but nothing changes. I even arranged a conference with Governor Engler and he assured me that he would confront the situation. Yet, nothing changes." 

Vladka and Governor Engler were friends of sorts. Engler had used Archbishop ALEXANDER for his political advantage, securing the Ukrainian vote, which was/is sizable in and around Detroit. I had known for some time how he had been used politically. But I remained silent. Why? I was a mere prison chaplain in Georgia and Vladka was the friend of the Governor of the Great State of Michigan. I knew he was being used but from my "place" there was nothing to say. 

Having witnessed the Spirit of Christ present in Vladka, and knowing his history it was the first time in my life I was ashamed to be an American. We had failed to secure Liberty – and it was TRUE and obvious already in the 1990s. 

Please understand that Vladka (Father) had witnessed his own father martyred upon the front door of his church when he was a boy. (I've said 13, but others have said 8 years of age.)  Stalin's henchmen slaughtered his father, bled him like a stuck pig, upside down, nailed to the church doors. Some close to him told me the details. He told me that his father started serving Divine Liturgy when Stalin announced to the world that there was "freedom of religion in the USSR."  He said, "My father and others thought, we will forced his hand, since he is stating this as fact, we will operate on his word, even though they had been ordered by the local commissars not to hold services.  And of course they killed him."   

"It is the spirit of anti-Christ abroad in the land, bringing Liberty to her knees.” By this time I had tears in my eyes and so did he . . . and I still have tear in my eyes,  at least in my heart and I have not stopped grieving. He looked at me and saw the deep grief, the knowledge that was twenty years ahead of time. "I've known of the demise of true Liberty in our country, with certainty and documented evidence since the 1980s. And from personal experience. Even now I am hounded by the FBI." 

Two years later, I found myself in the dining room of my brother, who had become a vice president of Delta Airlines.  Seven of Ten siblings survived and happened to be present that afternoon.  I told them, "It is all over, the constitution holds no power." And named the three different occasions where the supreme court had torn the constitution asunder to promulgated edicts of the New World Order agenda. They looked at me as if I was a mad man. 

Vladka, having witnessed the martyrdom of his father, a single sacrifice of the tens of millions of sacrifices on the altar of the Stalinist utopia seekers . . . he was the only one who comprehended what I understood and was saying . . . and he was the only reason that I knew I was not insane.  Now, millions know that what I saw was true.  The question is: Is it too late?  IF you think that apathy and armchair observation will save freedom, you are a SLAVE already. It is time for all Liberty loving Freemen and Women to STAND and SAY, NO MORE!

As Americans:
We have all lived life as best we could comprehend. Yet, despite the great wars of the twentieth century we were isolated by vast oceans.  We were told at each instance of World War, that it was to end all wars.  We learned our reality vicariously through the veterans who sacrificed and the stories the War Department Propaganda Machine fed us.  We lived in an isolated bubble, never comprehending the mass murders we escaped but others suffered IN EVERY year of our prosperity.  IN EVERY YEAR of our prosperity. 

America's founders had a vision of self governance whose flame has extinguished! 
The American Constitution and the American Republic  reside in the dustbin of History.  
TRUE Liberty is such a faded memory that NONE of our population under fifty comprehend its TRUE meaning.   And really, do any of us at this point in time have a clue what Liberty means?   

Ignorant American Traditional Conservatives and Liberals thought B.F.Skinner an idiot.  They wrongly thought that every human "yearned for liberty".   They wrongly thought that the "yearning for liberty" was stronger than theology and other mythology.  

Here is what they did not understand.  The human spirit is NOT indomitable - it may be enslaved.  Those with the keys to enslavement are powerful in their evil intent.  As cynical and heretical as this may sound the Human Spirit MAY BE CONQUERED completely by evil.  One's perceptions turned totally unnatural and artificial, one's own reasoning removed.

The wonder of  the founding of America was that the Natural instinct for Liberty emerged and found a voice FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND, in the Declaration of Independence CLEARLY and the Constitution of the United States of America, PARTLY, less clearly, compromised to evil. 

WE HAVE NOT GAUGED THE MEANING OF THIS.  Those academics claiming knowledge of Anthropology ought to be the leaders, the most vocal, acknowledging that THIS American experiment is unique and because it is unique its value is "invaluable." 

For those handicapped by language let me explain what "invaluable" means.  It means, "Never to be produced again." 

For instance I own a concert grand piano, one of the first 9 foot, 6 inch concert grand pianos produced in the New World, (only three in existence) constructed in 1877 - mine is the oldest of the lot).  What is that piano worth?  (By the way, it is still functioning and fun to play) Having had it appraised, the experts say, "It is invaluable."  In other words its value cannot be measured in human history via the mere means of money. It cannot be produced again. 

The Founding Father's conception of Liberty is exactly that - invaluable, that is of a measure impossible to measure.  Yet, we have sold it for the false security of an Omni-Surveillance Totalitarian Police State.  That is like surrounding your house with ravenous wolves, who view you as prey, and thinking that you have accomplished something because you are keeping the thieves, robber and rapists away.


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  1. Courage in the face of overwhelming opposition. A rare thing.

    Perhaps God gives us a chance with Trump.
    DJT is aware of the various conspirators and maybe even of the source. He's too shrewd to say it if he is. Putin and Trump saving the world from the principalities and powers.
    It's already happening. Mark Twain said if voting mattered they wouldn't allow it. I like to hope this time may be different. Encouraging signs are showing up all over.
    America isn't finished yet. Kaiser Wilhelm said God watches over America. (And drunks and fools, but who knows why.)


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