Wednesday, July 13, 2016

When the State Becomes LAWLESS.

This was my prayer corner when I buried myself and my family in God's protection and took on the State of Georgia, and despite repeated death threats, physical and psychological intimidation, and one assassination attempt, I, in cooperation with others, cost the NAZIS who beat cooperating prison inmates, hundreds of millions of dollars. I did not succeed in getting anyone charged with a crime and that will ever haunt me, that criminally they got away with it. The ring leader later became mayor of Douglasville, Georgia. These were criminals, not law enforcement officers. One officer who I got to tell the truth in deposition said, "All I ever wanted to be was a law enforcement officer, and in one moment, the Commissioner of Prisons turned me into a thug." He was right.

Did I do this by myself? And am I bragging about it? No, it was a group of us and I'm telling the story, and have about once a year in some publication, to remind people of the POWER of a LAWLESS State. It is not a brag to say I was the pivotal person that got the information into the public arena, calling in every favor I could. In fact, if it were not for influential Orthodox Priests in England, it probably would have never seen the light of day.

The story of the event I witnessed was so horrendous, no one in the "outside world" (as the inmates say) could believe me. Three bus loads of bleeding inmates were hauled away on the "slow drive" to other prisons. NONE were given medical attention. 

They had to call out the camp fire department to hose the blood off the tarmac where they had loaded the inmates. One of those trustee firemen was beaten over every inch of his body where his uniform would cover. He stripped the next day and showed me, deep contusions, while he was cooperating, doing everything in his power to follow the "officer's" instructions. The day before when I ran to stop three "officers" from beating an inmate near the Chapel, I asked, "Why are you beating this man?" They said, "He is mocking us. He is being too cooperative." 

There were hundreds of overly cooperative inmates that were beaten just as badly and worse, some causing permanent damage, cracked skulls, broken bones from men thrown from the second tier walkways in the cell blocks. Having seen it up close and personal, I KNOW what Government is capable.

I knew some family members with whom I shared the story did not believe me. It took me a year to get the London papers to print the story, making it an "international human rights story." Even with much testimony and corroborating evidence, NONE of the CIAmerican media would touch the story, until they could report, "London Papers are claiming." 

July 9th 2016 was the 20th anniversary of that event that changed my life forever. I saw in blood and massive serious injury what government was capable of doing under power and cover of authority. And for the shallow reason that they wanted to COW the inmate population, just before the Atlanta Olympics, to save money and keep from having to pay out of state officers.  You see they wanted to instead pay a very cheap special duty pay to people already on the state payroll.  So they were going to and did siphon off the majority of the guards for Olympic Security, leaving the prisons grossly under protected; sub-minimum staff working 12 hour shifts everyday from a few days before the Olympics to the day after the closing day.  Google it, Hays Prison July 9th 1996.

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