Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Miniaturization and What It Means for Your Mental Perceptions

[Edward Snowden - American Hero]

Snowden did NOT betray the American Constitution or the Constitutional Republic, because they had ceased to exist. [LINK]

Without Edward Snowden, Our System Could Have Failed [LINK]

 How PRISM WORKS:http://lettersfromthegulag.blogspot.com/2013/06/saturday-morning-psychological.html

PRISM EXPOSED - Confuse and Obfuscate

When the NSA wonks were on my page a few years back spreading the psy-opt that the communications Edward Snowden was claiming the NSA was vacuuming up and storing every single day was physically impossible because of the massive "storage space" it would take. The NSA furthered the illusion by building a massive empty warehouse in the desert.

I blew them away with the reality of the advancement of miniaturization where multiple sources were reporting (for a few years at the time) that they were manufacturing on the NANO-level. Most people could not (CANNOT) grasp what that means, what the implications are, how that will effect EVERYTHING.

So here we are three years later with the PUBLIC admission that they have computer storage capacity, on the nano level, where every book ever written by the human race could be stored upon something the size of a single postage stamp. That means the entire content of cyberspace - all communications of every digital source, and analogue turned to digital (bar codes and the like) could be stored on something the size of a single sheet of paper. So at the end of a year you would have a whole volume equal to a 365 page book. That means they could store the next 1700 years of communications (were it at present levels) on my personal book shelves. And folks this is the technology they are telling us about. What they hold in secret is light years advanced of what is publicly acknowledge ALWAYS. It is first developed, weaponize or investigated for its weapons potential BEFORE it is ever leaked into public knowledge.
So LYING NSA WONKS who called me a nut, and "tin foil hat wearer" eat this.


Scientists create 'world's smallest hard disk' with 500x more storage space than best hard drive

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