Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Purposely INVITING the FBI or SS VISIT.

Barrack Husein Obama's theatrical presentation in Dallas, Texas yesterday; At the memorial to the slain officers, SHAMING the fallen Dallas Peace Keepers, by HIS Islamic Jihadi Principle of al-Taqiyya, angered me more than any moment I have experienced in seven plus decades.

Trust me, If the Jihadi, Barrack Husein Obama were before me this very moment, I would strangle him to his repose by my own hand and pray GOD's mercy upon his soul.

Why would I pray God's mercy upon his soul?

BECAUSE I have NONE. I am Bonhoeffer looking at Hitler. I am Archpriest Symeon looking at Obama.

The idea of him using the death of five Texas Patriots, to further his Muslim/Cultural Marxist Agenda, is beyond any restraint I own.

I will NOT go actively seeking his destruction, but I will pray for it, and Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, do Obama and me a favor and never let us occupy the same space in time, because ANY patriot in his presence who does not end his life is a TRAITOR to LIBERTY and Human Dignity

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