Monday, July 11, 2016

Russia's New Law Limiting Cults.

Russian Sanity or American Chaos of Cults? 

Vladimir Putin has the wherewithal to shut down the poisoning of Russian Society by the Cult of Mormonism, and other cults and poisonous religious ideologies. Would that America were a Christian Nation like Russia.

BTW, compare and contrast:
The Russian Law does not halt the "preaching of the Gospel" or the preaching of the Gospel to any Russian. It does stop every cult and denominations that has created theologies that deny Jesus Christ, or offer a false christ, (anti-christ) and have turn into fronts of Cultural Marxism, the Gay Agenda and Chrislim, like the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. that opened its National Convocation this year with Muslim Pray that invoked the "Prophets" Jesus and Mohammed.

Think about the so-called freedom of Religion in the U.S. where you cannot protect your children from the Indoctrination of the Gay agenda, since the Corporate/State Media is FILLED with it. And unless you have the wealth to put your child into a private school or the skills to home school, your children are FORCED BY THE STATE to be indoctrinated into the idea of aberrant sexual practices by the FIRST GRADE; the Gay Agenda made an integral part of their text books and courses of study. Do you call that LIBERTY?

Russia was able to make the evangelization of the Gay Agenda, against the law. They said to the Gays, we will let you live your lives unmolested but you will keep your aberrant practices and ideas out of the public square. BTW, you can mark the calendar date that Putin blocked the public advertising of the Gay agenda, with the day the Sodomite Globalist Media began to demonize him.

Look at Forbes try to paint Putin and Russia with Aldous Huxleys Distopian World he depicted in "Brave New World."  If you have read the novel and know the Orthodox Christian Heritage of Russia you know what a total LIE the use of this image is.

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  1. Lord Have Mercy on Mr. Putin, and the Orthodox faithful in Russia and everywhere else. Lord forbid the enemies from fomenting war before President Trump can unite our peoples in common cause. Lord speed the avalanche of Protestants fed up with cultural Marxism into the welcoming arms of the One Catholic and Apostolic Faith, and please Lord allow our fellow Orthodox to awaken from their Constantinopolitan dhimmi trance and resume the fight they abandoned in 1453. Lord Have Mercy (12)


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