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Fundamentalist Christians In the Service Of Cultural Marxists

Ted Cruz, David Barton, Glenn Beck and others, even the Globalist Zionist Puppet Mark Levin have groomed (brainwashed) a large number of Christian fundamentalists of various Evangelical sects, even some conservative Roman Catholic and Orthodox into service of the Cultural Marxist Globalists.  

How did they do this?  

Firstly by creating a romanticized, Iconized and fanciful picture of America's founding. Barton, the brainwashing master, has taken every pious word ever written or attributed to a founder, and published them as if these words were the reality of the Society of the Time.  By his Iconizing (IDOLIZING) standard, it is really Saint Ben Franklin, Saint Thomas Jefferson, etc., even though real history records a very different story. The "christianity" of both men is more than suspect and they lived very sinful lives, of which they NEVER repented, at least there is not public record of such. Belief in this Romanticized mythology, believing the founders to be SAINTS, instead of the very flawed and wealthy men they were, leaves these people frozen in a fanciful time that never existed, frozen in fear, so thus seeing all the very real corruption and flawed people in politics and in our society today, they are left unable to cope with the secular reality of American Culture and Government.  Instead of actively engaging, in their hypnotized state, they recoil and say, "God must intervene; we are helpless."

Here is an example of the "non-reasoning" of these brainwashed people:


Butch, let me make this as simple as I can for you my friend--I, like the founders of this nation believe God: "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." II Chronicles 7:14

In an address to the Constitutional Convention Ben Franklin asked this poignant question:

“In the beginning of the contest with Britain, when we were sensible of danger, we had daily prayers in this room for Divine protection. Our prayers, Sir, were heard, and they were graciously answered… do we imagine we no longer need His assistance?”

This nation cannot be healed apart from God doing the healing. The Holy God revealed in the Holy Bible cannot see a nation choosing between Hillary Clinton, a serial liar, corrupt to her very soul and the equally lying and corrupt owner of strip clubs and sin palaces as a nation humbling itself before God.  (Do you notice that in his Muslim Like reduction of God, he manages to reduce God to the level of his own brainwashing and blindness. Nothing about this paragraph can stand in the face of the actual history of God's People HIS CHURCH.) 

Such people are saying directly to God we do not need to heed your tenets when choosing our leaders. On the left they completely disregard all of the things of God as a matter of course. On the right, you are putting the things of God on the back burner out of fear for Hillary and the left.

This is a recipe for disaster without regard to how this race ends up. You do not vanquish corruption with more corruption.

BTW, our brainwashed friend thinks these ideas are his own, however they are taken DIRECTLY from Glenn Beck's sick stump speech for Ted Cruz, often with David Barton standing by nodding agreement. What you just read is infantile non-reasoning and anything BUT based in Christianity or Christian Principles or any clear reading of Christian History.

My answer:

Dear XYZ, you are simply conflating two things.   

(1) The Spiritual Awakening, which cannot be to the former Protestant religions which corrupted by the Enlightenment movement created this Culture of Death in which we find ourselves. Yes, not spiritual renewal, but spiritual awakening is necessary in America, after all 90 percent of people in the United States in 1989 self-identified as Christian.  It is obvious from the events since that 90 percent of those Christians were blind.  But this should not be a surprise since the Founders corrupted the American system from the BEGINNING.  If you doubt me read the attached article asking simply "What is Liberty."

(2) The political survival of our Nation as a Nation will not, cannot happen under Hillary; it will happen under Trump.  If we do not save our Nation as a Nation we will NEVER AGAIN have a voice. - that reason ALONE is enough to vote for Trump

Now non-conflated, will a Trump presidency create the Revival you seek? 

(1)  No! A presidency under the American System is a SECULAR thing.  The best he can ever do is create a level playing field in which Christians may compete with other ideologies in the PUBLIC SQUARE, for the hearts and minds of people. Presently Christianity is being suppressed, and Trump has repeatedly promised to stop that.  Tell me, was the Emperor Constantine a Christian or a Corrupt Roman Pagan when he stopped the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire. (In case you are ignorant, he was a Pagan. He converted to Christianity only on his death bed, decades later.) 

  (2) Frankly that question of spiritual awakening is not even up to praying Christians, it is up to GOD, because either Jesus was a LIAR, or what he said is TRUTH, "No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him"

(3) Jesus told us (His Church) to preach the Gospel, he didn't tell us to control politics, or to control government.  We are to in EVERY INSTANCE witness Jesus Christ and him Crucified and leave the result of our faithfulness to GOD.  

(4) Influencing politician and thus politics, so that we may influence the public dialogue, all these things are very important. Just as it is important to influence academics, and thus academia, so that we may influence the public dialogue. Frankly the Cultural Marxists have us on the ropes in this regard and useful idiots like yourself, are AIDING them.  The Christian's place is the place of the Humble Servant, not as the prideful ruler. And if God actually calls that Christian to Public Office, GOD will place that person IN that Public Office.  Those claiming they were called to public office, and yet were blocked, are LIARS. 

(5) Trump is a worldly man who lives in much pride of life; he is proud of his accomplishments and proud of his family, he is also proud of his Nation and grieves for her.  God is USING that pride and grief for HIS purpose.  For Instance, Trump has promised to void the Johnson Act, which the Luciferians have used to cow Christian voices ONLY, to silence Christian voices in the Public Square, while giving free reign to Cultural Marxist, the Gay Agenda, even Cultural Marxist Christians, (Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, et al) and Muslims and Atheists and radicals of every Luciferian stripe.    Common sense alone as a Christian ought to teach you the necessity to vote for THAT, the voiding of the Johnson Act, even if in your ignorant passions you HATE the man, Trump, even were he a Pagan. 

Now tell me Sir, do I need to point out in scripture the number of times God used corrupt amoral people to save his people?  If you do not have this knowledge then you are an ignorant person and do not know the history the truth of the book you call Holy, or the Christian Church of which you claim membership.

Archpriest Symeon Elias


What Is Liberty?

Jesus Christ has set us at liberty to do what love demands. There is no other liberty. That is the sole purview of liberty, that is doing what love demands.

I had a conversation with a bitter Libertarian today. A rabid Trump hater. The Libertarians in America have constructed a mythology of the Golden Age of American Liberty, the age of the founders, and they trumpet the broken and flawed document of the American Constitution, a document that said some men were only 3/5th human, as if that document were inspired by God. Some conservatives deluded by the Christian Dominionist Movement actually make the claim that the U.S. Constitution was inspired by God. But let us be clear, If it was, that god was Moloch, because 80 years later it took the sacrifice of more than Seven Hundred Thousand men to redact the document and change that 3/5th of a man, to a whole human being.

Before you curse me for the sake of your own mythology, let me share with you that Christianity is the cure of superstitions and false mythologies. In the glaring light of history the U.S. Constitution was a gravely flawed document.

A simple question, what did it take to set it right? The simple answer, Seven Hundred Thousand Men WILLING TO DIE.

We sit on our comfortable couches tweeting and facebooking about Liberty, and this year hundreds of thousands of people have braved many hours in extreme weather, and fair weather, waiting to attend political rallies, standing and cheering for renewed Liberty, to restore the rule of law and yes, making a new commitment to do what love demands, the hard work of Liberty. Considering the many years of collective apathy, THIS IS REALLY SOMETHING. (And I am referencing both Trump and Sanders crowds.)

But please understand something. There is no Golden Age to which we may return. When you seek the good you don't take hold of the plow and look backwards. Jesus said that himself - "He who puts his hand to the plow and looks backwards is unfit for the Kingdom of God." WE have to take the realities of this harsh world into account, and move forward, as Saint Paul said, "straining towards what lies ahead" and in love, do the things that are life engendering. Even if we have to die to do it.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Christian Martyr of WWII, who first rebuked the NAZIS to their faces in a large meeting of German Clergy where ALL except a few, accepted the antichrist, and turned their Churches into NAZI propaganda organs, removing the symbols of Christ and substituting the symbols of National Socialism and Luciferian Mythology. One German friend told me of the experience in Germany, where one Sunday things were as normal, and the next week they arrived to find a Swastika having replaced the Cross of Christ on CHRIST's Altar! "I left the week before a Christian and returned the next week to discover we were all NAZIS now." Rev Bonhoeffer rebuked them to their faces. He then went underground to survive, to reemerge with a false identity and almost succeeded in killing Hitler. Arrested and placed in a concentration camp, he said, "When Christ calls a man, he bids him, come and die." I submit to you that Bonhoeffer's rebuke of the NAZIS was an act of love. I submit to you that Bonhoeffer's attempted assassination of Hitler was an act of love. I submit to you that his ministry inside the Concentration Camp, to both the guards and the prisoners was an act of love. I submit his walk to his execution was an act of love. When we do what LOVE demands it can take many appearances.

Someone sent me an article today, telling about the national meeting of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A, bowing to antichrist and engaging in Islamic Prayer at their opening ceremonies, their prayer actually lead by an Imam. (LINK go to minute 14:00 of the video of the opening ceremony.) There were no Dietrich Bonhoeffers there at that meeting, NONE to stand and rebuke them and proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone. None willing to say, "Come let us worship Christ HIMSELF, our King and our God." None willing to stand and say, "the overarching heresy of this age is Ecumenism, because if it is right, then Christianity must be wrong. IT then is the over-arching TRUTH, greater than Mohammad, Buddha, Lao Tsu, and Jesus. But this is not Christianity. Jesus Christ did not say, "I have found the truth, let me tell you about it." As Mohammad, Buddha, Joseph Smith and others have claimed. NO, rather Jesus Christ said, "I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life" (the only life).

What was it that Saint Paul said about the Judaizers? Oh yes, I remember, "I wish they would mutilate themselves." And that was an expression of love. WOW, Fr S. what are you saying? I am saying that I hope these antichrist Presbyterians, willing to MOCK Jesus Christ and bow to Mohammad . . . will soon experience the complete reality of Islam. And that is a statement of Love, also. AS Saint Paul was saying, in other words, "Better for them to harm themselves than continue to spread their poison."

"Turn such a one over to Satan for the destruction of the body, that his soul may be saved for eternity."

Archpriest Symeon Elias.

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