Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Al Franken a RARE Lucid Moment

Al Franken admitting that he got advanced warning what he called "the Jew Call" from former N.Y. Mayor Ed Koch, warning him to not go to his office in the Twin Towers, on September 11th, 2001 (giving the Jewish Calendar date for the same day).  This claim of foreknowledge and Jews being warned to stay away, has been totally ignored by the CIAmerican media . . . Of Course it has.

If a census was ever published of the number of Jews who worked in the World Trade center, versus the number that were present that day, who died or survived, it would be a very, very interesting "tell."  The fact is Goldman Sachs offices were nearly empty.

I'm going to put part II first:

This country will never heal, and her people will never trust the Government or the Media, until there is at the very least a "Truth and Justice Commission" and the REAL story of 9/11 told, even if the psychopaths who pulled it off are never prosecuted.

Twin Towers of TRUTH  Take the time to LEARN what is known, what is documented about 9/11.  I was blessed to lunch with one of the top structural engineer in the country days after 9/11 and he explained with the schematic plans for the Twin Towers in front of us, the physical impossibility of the event happening as the media claimed.  [LINK]

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