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American Military Mutiny Scrubbed From Internet

Several articles I had written about the Military Mutiny concerning Obama's actions when he was threatening Syria with bombing around Labor Day, 2013 were scrubbed from the internet. (Every thing from August the 7th to September the 13th.)  In them I told the story of the Mutiny against Obama in the face of nuclear conflagration. It turns out I was right.  Foolishly I did not save copies of the articles, trusted to "store" them on my blog. I won't be that foolish again.

Here is a "composed draft" of one of the articles that was scrubbed, my rough composition of it, accidentally saved in WORD. Seems I nailed it in real time. This was written on September 3rd. 

"I believe that a military mutiny and Russia acting quickly is the only thing that stopped his (Obama's) Muslim Brotherhood plot. They (the MB) would have been thrilled to see the two most powerful countries with the largest population of Christians slaughtering each other. 

AUG 28 and 29, the Pentagon brass authorized massive leaks of top secret information to the Media about Obama's planned attack on Syria, trying to alert the Russians and avoid WWIII. Friday Afternoon AUG 30 as (Secretary of State) John F Kerry was giving his WAR speech, and CNN had gone into their "countdown to the bombing routine" (you know it well) the U.N. Security Council was in closed door session called that morning by (Russian President) Putin. Wherein, America (and the world) was informed that an attack on Syria would be treated as an attack on Russia Proper. Obama mulled that over on Friday evening, away from his "handlers" and Saturday morning announced that he had put the attack "on pause" to get a resolution for the attack from the U.S. Congress. He wasn't afraid of attacking Syria,(without congressional approval) he was afraid of the Military Coup HERE. He KNEW if he gave the order for the attack IT WOULD NOT HAPPEN."

THAT WAS and IS The Truth of it. However, as they say on the info-mercials, "but wait! there is more!" And there certainly was.

THINK, immediately afterwards there was an assault on the Navy Yard.
Then the two people in charge of our Nuclear Arsenal fired on trumped up charges.  When I reported on the firing of the Admiral in charge of the Navy Nuclear Arsenal and the two Generals, someone (I'm sure NSA/CIA) gave me the official "cover story" to which I replied.

Obama's Purge of the Military

How Deadly Is Obama, Now?

When you tell people this story they will say, but x was fired for some really stupid and trivial thing and y was fired for some other idiotic thing, remember this. THERE IS ALWAYS A COVER STORY.

there is always a "cover story." I'm familiar with a lot of cover stories, like how William Cooper, who I know personally was a soft spoken, gentleman, was suddenly the wild-eyed aggressor and attacked an army of Feds that arrived at his house and was not responding to gunfire, protecting his family, as he was gunned down like a dog. 

And I know the story that Benghazi was about a video, and not a conspiracy between Obama and Morsi to kidnap Ambassador Stevens, to exchange him for Omar Rahman, the Blind Sheik. 

Like I know that the fluster cluck that was Extortion 17 was about a “normal” military operation gone sadly wrong and not an ambush where Obama make a Sharia sacrifice of the Navy Seals who killed Bin Laden. 

Like I know the cover story, that Andrew Breitbart at the prime of his life, after announcing that he held damaging evidence against Obama, died of a natural heart attack and the story (the actual video tapes) disappeared. 

Like I know the cover story that Michael Hastings, who said he was working on a story about Obama that could get him killed, who every friends said drove like an old lady, crash himself into a palm tree doing 104 MPS. 

Like I know that Fast and Furious wasn't about arming Jihadis south of the border. 

Like I know that Obama is a natural born citizen, and Christian. 

Like I know that the IRS persecution of Constitution/Tea Party groups was just a bureaucratic snafu, as they were trying to be more efficient and serve the American public better and not political targeting. 

Like I know that the ATF's attack on the Randy Weaver family was 'justified' and necessary law enforcement action. 

Like I know that pumping flammable toxic CS Gas was really JUST common tear gas, and the intention was to “save the children” at Waco. . . 

Like I know that Congressman Larry MacDonald was not assassinated by a conspiracy between the CIA and the old Soviet KGB.

Like I know Major Nadal Hasan's attack at Fort Hood, was not jihadi related terrorism, but merely work places violence.

Like I know that North Vietnam gun boats "attacked" the USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin and it wasn't a CIA false flag operations to coerce congress into the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.

Like I know that the Roosevelt Administration and many layers of Government were not infiltrated by Communist Party members, even thought the open KGB files of the 1990s proved that Joseph McCarthy and his anti-communist elk were the ONLY ones who actually got it right.

Like I know that there really were magic bullets in 1963, able to defy the laws of physics, and the Warren Commission Report was honorable and true.

I could go on, but I will spare you. +++"
The Paragraph Below where Jim Garrow explains his surprise that people in the Main Stream Media are contacting him, shows that they too, got the fright of their lives over Obama's actions.  I think that at this point there is a systematic discrediting of Obama on every level. I firmly believe he stepped outside his roll designed by his "handlers" and proved dangerous even to the people who put him in power. NOW, the move is afoot to force his (political) demise, by one means or another. - and I think ANY means possible.

Via Jim Garrow
It would appear that the word is getting out. Earlier this week I was contacted independently by a few main stream media folks whose names I recognized. They wanted to hear the details of what we have been sharing - from the horses mouth as it were. They assured me that they would not be reporting on what I shared. The reason they each gave was basically that they did not want to be seen as "tin foil hat" types by the public and they were afraid of reprisals from Obama. The kind of reprisal that either ends your career or your life. One man who was in my mind the most famous (a broadcaster) thanked me for my courage and said that he felt that the alternate media was getting into a position where we could safeguard America if we cooperated in a purposeful fashion. He wants to keep the communications channel open between us. I am puzzled but consider this overture to be a good sign. They are speaking with us and are acknowledging what we already thought. That the mainstream media are either bought or in fear. Pray from them. - Dr. Jim Garrow -

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