Saturday, November 16, 2013

Obama's Crash and Burn - Now How Dangerous Is He?

This article explains how Barrack Obama has lost the tool of his Charismatic Leadership, and the "carrot" people blindly followed called "Hope and Change."  Without the Carrot will Obama show his true self and start using the big stick, that is massive physical coercion.  He already has with a tiny minority of our population, hinted that he would with larger populations, like the Christians and Tea Party folk. But will he?  I hope you are prepared. 

Fouad Ajami: When the Obama Magic Died

 Remarkable article and accurate in that the only comparison to Obama's rise and shame is found in the Middle East among charismatic Arab leaders.  The article is weak that it compares the "crowd mentality" of the middle twentieth century to the "crowd mentality" of today, without mention of the massively powerful new tools of manipulation afforded the dictator's manipulators. The nineteen fifties was the communication and manipulation stone age by comparison. So the manipulation of the masses is far more than the adulation of crowds, though the crowds are a wonderful barometer of the success of such manipulation. Truth is the fellow isn't saying anything about Obama's popularity that I have not been saying for many months - and didn't predict as the result of the Marxist/Muslim Cabal losing control of the dialectic post Benghazi.  What is a mystery to me is why when the rest of the world's population GOT IT. And 33 MILLION Egyptians could stand in the streets with signs telling the truth of it, and Europeans would fully turn their back on him, and yet the MAJORITY of American people STILL did not get it??? Is our population especially STUPID?

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