Saturday, December 20, 2014

Big Brother Says, "I will never lie to you. Trust me."

Big Brother Says, you should not know anything, but need ONLY the skills to process the data he feeds you.

The human brain should be used for processing, not storage.
—Thomas A. Kelly, Ph.D.
The Effective School Report

Sounds like the human being as a programmable earth based carbon unit.
Are you willing to settle for that?
If you keep watching T.V. News, and Hollywood entertainment, and keep your mind continually connected to the cyber-pop-cluture . . . young folks if you believe the fantasies that are promoted as facts in your text books, then you are willing to be programmed. You will NEVER learn to think and you will process the data just as you are programmed to do. In a very real way, there will never be any REAL YOU in the mix, nothing of value in your SOUL (Psyche) so that you may "INDEPENDENTLY" judge what is true and what is false.

You have to have TRUE Principles Stored in your HEART, so that you can run a malware test on Philosophical Programming and virus checks on every piece of data that the "establishment" attempts to download to your brain. Without knowledge of those true principles YOU HAVE NO FIREWALL, YOUR PROGRAMMING PROCESSES ARE HACKED, YOU BECOME A SLAVE, a programmable earth bound carbon unit.

The ULTIMATE REBELLION is REAL INDEPENDENT THINKING that QUESTIONS EVERYTHING, yet without cynicism accepts what works and is true and builds the Human Person, and rejects what is enslaving and dehumanizing.

"Big Brother Says, you should not know anything, but need ONLY the skills to process the data he feeds you."  Few people are there who understand how absolutely successful the New World Order MIND PROGRAMMING has been.  Today HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE consume the hypnosis packets, called News, Sports, Entertainment, and react with the appropriate and programmed EMOTIONS, while never analyzing the validity, veracity and reasonableness of the hypnotic information.  The emotions usually stimulated are (1) Fear (2) Anger (3) Grief (4) Empathy/Concern and this is often served with (5) Humor and/or (6) Irony and/or unquestioned "rightness."  And between the words on the screen or coming from the speaker and the brains and emotions is NO filter.   What one has "heard" from "sources that should know" becomes the content of ones thoughts and knowledge. 

These hypnosis packets are sometimes very sophisticated and totally staged REAL events "Sandy Hook" "911" "Boston Bomb" "Aurora", sometimes they involve mass murder, and INSTANTLY you are told who is responsible and how to feel about it.  One caught in the web of programming cannot view the event and suppress total belief long enough to ask logical questions, "Is that Possible?" "How do they know?" "Does the story comport with known facts?"  "What are the actual facts."  Rather they KNOW without DOUBT because they were TOLD in a hypnosis packet, it was Osama bin Laden and 19 accomplices, or a lone gunman no one really remembers.  Gay is Good says a barrage of hypnosis packets blasting at the psyche for decades.  Of COURSE Gay is Good! How could we doubt it, we have been told it is good.  If you doubt Gay is Good, be very careful YOU might have a mental illness, says the counter-hypnosis packet also blasted at the culture for decades, you are sick, you are a hater, you suffer from homophobia.  Women are NO different than men, says another hypnosis packet blasted at our culture for decades.  And if you suggest there are obvious differences between men and women, even as neuroscience has proved, even in the way we process data, the counter-hypnotic-packet say, you are a chauvinist, ignorant and backward.   We need to sacrifice our individual rights for the strength and sustainability of our communities says another hypnosis packet. And when you suggest that is the way to mental and physical slavery, a slavery that has already happened, the counter-hypnotic package (the counter-package) says you are a Patriot, a Survivalist, Ignorant, Dangerous, Possible Terrorist, Backward and you Hate Progress.

Partial List of Common Hypnosis Packets downloaded into your subconscious EVERY TIME you turn on any communications device, watch a movie, talk with other programmed people, watch the news, read your text book:

There is life in outer-space and one day it is coming here.
The earth suffers from Global Warming.
Aliens will teach us how to heal mother earth.
Climate Change is caused by common people living their common everyday lives.
We have to completely change our way of life or we are all going to die.
Abortion is not harmful.
A baby in the womb is just a blob of tissue.
White people are natural-born racists and must apologize and learn better.
Black people are lazy and do not apply themselves.
Black people have only themselves to blame for their plight.
The plight of the Black people is the responsibility of white people.
Our Government is only trying to protect us and usually chooses to do what is in our best interest.

Prescription Drugs are ALWAYS GOOD and always helpful.
When we feel bad, that means we need to see a doctor and get a prescription.
My doctor believes in "do no harm."
Psychology and Psychiatry can heal mental illness.
Illegal drugs are always harmful.
Religion is evil.
Christianity is a religion, so it is evil.
All religions are the same.One opinion is as valid as another opinion.
Everything is relative.
There is no basis for moral judgment.
There is no actual evil in the world, only the acts of evil people. 
Life spontaneously burst into reality with massively complex structure even on the molecular level, having the appearance of design, but without design or a designer.
To believe that the universe is created is superstitious and evil.
There is no God.
God exists and his primary commandment is love without conditions and "Never Make A Moral Judgement."
Scientist's first concern is the survival of humanity.
The advancements of Science and Technology are always used for the benefit of mankind.
Man is ready for an evolutionary step.
Man can evolve by thinking about it.
Mind Sciences are the key to man's future evolution.
Contact with space aliens is the key to man's future evolution.
Cyborg technology is the key to man's future evolution.
A New Age, A NEW WORLD ORDER, requires a New World Wide Religion.
Religion can be positive, as long as you leave God out of it.
I'm a Christian, but I just don't believe in Dogma.
Organized Religion is EVIL.


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