Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gun Control - Philosophical Insanity and Hypocrisy on Display

I am very proud of this scene.  My grand children teaching my great grand children gun safety and to shoot accurately.  Viva our God Given Right to Bear Arms.  

Where do mass killings happen?
Answer: Gun Free Zones.

Which cities have the highest gun violence deaths?

Answer: Those cities with the most oppressive gun laws.  Chicago is the prime example, awash in gun violence, murder capital of the nation, where any kind of concealed carry is illegal. 

Which cities have the least gun violence deaths?

Answer: Those cities where it is mandated that each household own a gun. Kennesaw, Georgia is the poster child for this FACT. The law is 39 years old and almost NO gun violence. Compared to the surrounding towns the evidence is undeniable. 

The NRA exposes the hypocrisy of this dictator truthfully and well in their ad, asking why Obama's children are worthy of armed guards where they attend school and your child is not worthy.  If fact if you child attends a school in a "gun free zone" it is also a invitation to become a "killing field." 

I was privileged to attend a Roman Catholic Church service in a small mid-western town the Sunday following the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The doorkeepers were armed! There were eight armed men, exercising their concealed carry rights. When seated I realized that there were more people in the congregation also armed. I felt very, very secure and safe, and would pity the madman sent to make a political statement by producing dead bodies.  The priest offered a special prayer for the Sandy Hook victims and their loved ones and for the nation, which society is devolving amid rebellion to God. At the end of his sermon he thank all who had deigned to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights for the protection of God's people. He said, "There is no sin, in arming to protect the peace and lives of God's people." He is ABSOLUTELY right. It reminded me of an article I wrote more than a decade ago, saying that the ancient lay order of "Doorkeeper" was going to need to be restored, and they would need to be armed.  In conversation before I left that town, the priest confided that they had received multiple threats over the last year, when they stood firmly and publicly against Obama's policies.

At the moment in this society only two organizations have stood unshaken in their response to authoritarian rule, and the abuse of Constitutional Governance, represented in the Emergency Powers Act, and presidential dictatorial rule. Those two are the Roman Catholic Church and her council of Bishops, and the National Rifle Association.  We all must stand with them. It is time to dismiss the temptation to capitulate to unjust and unconstitutional laws and mandates, offered by dictators and hypocrites. They care nothing for you or your true safety, nor for YOUR GOD GIVEN, UNALIENABLE RIGHT to defend your own life and the life of others from all abuses of criminals, even if those criminals are acting under cover of authority.  The impingement of our UNALIENABLE GOD GIVEN RIGHTS is criminal in every instance, no matter the prestige of the office held by the criminal. This truth is stated clearly in the Declaration of Independence, and was codified in the Constitution.  Do NOT stand down. 

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