Monday, January 28, 2013

Obama, the New Joseph Stalin.

I wrote many times last year that Barack Obama had subsumed the same power that Joseph Stalin held in Communist Russia, to detain indefinitely, without warrant, without right of Habeas Corpus and without right of jury trial any citizen deemed to be a threat to National Security.

Many of you did not believe me. So here is Constitutional Attorney, Kris Ann Hall explaining the language of the National Defense Authorization Act, in which this power was unconstitutionally passed by the Congress.

You will note at the end that she acknowledges the fact that Obama wrote in his "signing statement" that he understood the act to give him power to detain U.S. Citizens, but that he wasn't going to use the power.So instead of our Bill of Rights, we simply have his word. 

She goes deep into the weeds of legalese to explain the language of the act that gives Obama power identical to the power exercised by the Dictator Joseph Stalin in the old Communist Soviet Union. Stalin used this power to detain millions of political prisoners, to send people to "re-education camps" and labor camps to starve and die of exposure. This is not fantasy - it is time to acknowledge the truth. This law along with the so-called patriot act is illegal, a usurpation of power, an enslavement of Citizens who hold GOD GIVEN Liberty; it is unconstitutional and requires us to STAND UP FOR OUR LIBERTY!

By the way, by me simply writing this truth, I can be named "hostile" and that's all it takes to be detained, that is be classified as "hostile." 

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