Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Dangerous Precedent of the Dorner Fiasco

This picture is entitled idiots on parade. 

CNN and the lamestream media are beginning to quote large portions of ex-LADP Cop, Christopher Dorner's, manifesto. Why? Because his opinions fit the media meme. If the crazy was a white supremacist, or a conservative, or Constitutionalist, they would parody him, but NEVER quote him in any substantive or substantial way. Now we are being treated to the grievances of a sick, hate-filled psycho, who has proved he will kill innocent people, for reason of his derangement, painted as a person "sensitive to racism." The media has reached a new low.

Do your guys realize the pandering they are doing, the dangerous precedent they just set with this Dorner fellow by reopening his discrimination investigation in the LAPD? Never before in these decades have I witnessed "the establishment" kowtowing to the demands of a mad man. Now any sicko with a grievance will believe that by killing people he will get his words published and his grievances investigated. This is more evidence of the insanity of the times.
This isn't just the media gone off the rails but law enforcement as well.

Can't be prophetic when it is happening in real time.

A second LAPD officer has release a manifesto.

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