Monday, February 11, 2013

When I Was A Heretic

When I was a heretic I thought Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger to be a villain of sorts.  His proclamations as head of the Congregation for Doctrine and The Faith were always an un-welcomed challenge to me.  I've since discovered that he is an amazingly humble man, dedicated to Roman Catholic Orthodoxy - which is the only form of Romanism that has a prayer of surviving (pun intended). Where the great John Paul II, kowtowed to Muslims and pacifists, he was quick to tell the truth of Islam when he assumed the Papacy. This morning's news that he has the humility to step aside because of diminished physical capacity seals his image for me. He is the most humble of modern leaders, willing to spend his last days in a monastery, out of sight and mind.  I hope he uses the time between the Papacy and the monastery to write.  

The fact is, especially in the face of American Tyranny, the American Roman Bishops "stood up" and are standing firm and with resolve against it. The sucking silence of the "denominational church" (small c) tells the true story of the apostasy of American Religionism. Our Liberty is a Christian gift, the product of more than a thousand years of development.  The fact that we blow it away for the illusion of safety shows the enslaving weakness of rebellion against unalienable and absolute truths contained in our Judeo/Christian Heritage.  

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