Monday, December 2, 2013

CPR On A Rotting Corpse? How Sane Is That?

It is STILL very hard for most Americans to get their minds and emotions around the reality of what has actually happened in America. It is The Normalcy Bias. Though we are 12 years into a full-blown Totalitarian State – people keep talking about things like “impeachment” and “holding their senator or congressman's feet to the fire” which are processes of a Representative Republic that no longer EXISTS. Working for candidates to place them in a Show Congress, a body that holds absolutely NO POWER is now a measure of insanity, it is literally a mental disorder. 

What would you call a person that kept trying to revive a corpse even though it was putrid and rotting? The word is CRAZY. People who keep doing what they are doing unable to believe that the reason for doing it is gone are CRAZY. 

I saw it when I was Railroad Engineer 1971 - I took the rear end off an automobile on a crossing in East Point, Georgia - luckily there was only one person in the car. As we walked the train back to where the half-car was sitting we kept hearing someone trying to crank a car - you know the sound of an auto starter turning over a motor. When we got to the car the man still sitting in the front seat (he had his seat belt on and was very lucky to be alive). He kept turning the ignition trying over and over trying again and again trying to crank half a car! He looked at me and said, "I'm sorry fellows. Just give me a minute and I will get out of your way." I said, "Sir, have you looked at your back seat?" He said, "Why?" I said, "Because it is not there." He turned saw the backseat of the car missing and immediately passed out. That is the Normalcy Bias and a HUGE portion of Americans still suffer it even though we are 12 years into a full-blown Totalitarian State. Wake up! The Constitution is voided, the political process is a mere show. The political process is pure propaganda theater to keep the lid on, to keep every one locked in the Right/Left Political political paradigm when – VOTING in a DICTATORSHIP, only IMPOWERS the Totalitarian State. 

We have to produce a Government in waiting, a shadow government and do everything in our power to wrest our country from the International Bankers, and Utopian planners that have destroyed our Republic. 

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