Wednesday, December 18, 2013

WHAT? Tea Party Members Hold Superior Knowledge of SCIENCE! WHAT?

As I spit and spew, and too often call liberals, libertarians and moderates idiots and obtuse, seems there is a good reason for it - they are. Turns out that to the very astonished dismay of a Yale Professor, Dan M. Kahan, his lush FEDERAL GRANT, (validating his reason to exist) exposed the truth of it. Tea Party people are not just more intelligent than those in the everyday political debate. They hold more comprehension of SCIENCE. Yes, you read it right SCIENCE. Woo - how do you reconcile that? - I am a Christian, a Christian Orthodox PRIEST, who knows that Evolution is MYTHOLOGY and have proved it by SCIENCE. How can that be?

Click on the link - you won't believe it.

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