Friday, March 21, 2014

The Natural Right of Self Defense

What meaning can gun rights have, framed inside the "paper rights" of a voided Constitution?

Conservatives keep writing articles that have the underlying premise that the Constitution is just fine, and the Republic REAL and is just fine, but at present, it is not functioning because of corrupt men. That is the constant mantra of the Republicans when Democrats hold power, and the constant mantra of the Democrats when Republicans hold power.
Is this true? Does the Republic still exist? Is it really just about corruption?

FACT: The constitution is not fine, it is LEGALLY VOIDED, and as Supreme Court Justice Roberts wrote in his 2012 ObamaCare travesty - acknowledging the fact that he was ordered or coerced to rule Obamacare constitutional, he said:"it is not the Judiciary's responsibility to protect citizens from bad laws passed by the people they elected."

Wait, that is exactly the responsibility of the Judiciary as framed by the Constitution! He was not talking about ObamaCare, which anyone with an inkling of common sense knows it violates EVERY "constitutional principle." No rather he was talking about the body of law commonly called the National Emergencies Act, under which he has NO POWER to disobey a direct order from the White House. That is the bad law he is powerless to reject.

The Conservative class writes BARNACLE articles, holding BARNACLE hearings, participate in BARNACLE discussions. It is ALL a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME.
Please, before you start screaming, with spittle frothing at the edges of your lips, LET ME EXPLAIN.
Dr Ben Carson described it, as best he could, being under a National Security Letter, forbidding him to speak about our National State of Emergency or the collection of emergency powers laws that killed the Constitution and gave the president dictatorial power. He said, "We are in a sailing ship teetering on the edge of a massive waterfall from which we as a people can never recover, and people are saying, 'this ship has barnacles, look at this barnacle, we have to do whatever it takes to remove it, and look at that barnacle, we have to do something about it, and look at that other barnacle . . . all the while we are on the edge of oblivion, going over the falls into the abyss BARNACLES AND ALL." 

At this point how many Barnacle articles have we ALL written and blogged about, debated on social media? It is a massive chaos of BARNACLE discussion while we "teeter on the edge of oblivion from which we the people will NEVER recover." THINK! We keep debating laws, that were they passed would only have the force the President DICTATES.

Take for instance the debate on the second amendment: Do you know why they have not yet confiscated your weapons?

Trust me it is NOT because of the second amendment. They know that to confiscate weapons would create ARMED RESISTANCE and that is the last thing they want. To succeed they have to keep the majority of people oblivious to the fact that their LEGAL rights have been LEGALLY rescinded. The appearance of massive armed resistance with people claiming their Declaration of Independence RIGHTS to resist tyranny would expose too much.

Do you know why the first gun confiscation law was passed in one of the small and most liberal states?
Answer: To condition you into the IDEA that government may confiscate weapons. They are hoping for a story to unfold in Connecticut that will COW other resisters in the country. It is chip by chip, chipping your confidence away. They KNOW the same law passed in Texas and several other states would put armed militia on the streets demanding that local police join them or RUN. 


We are not holding our guns because of ink on the page of a defunct and outlawed document. Rather we are holding our guns as a natural common sense measure (as is the NATURAL RIGHT of MAN) against a totalitarian state. We don't keep them because we have a constitutional right to (which is mere ink on paper) we keep them because we have a natural GOD GIVEN right of self-defense and that includes defense against the Tyrants who have control of our country.

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