Monday, March 24, 2014

Underestimating Obama

The First Rule of Confrontation: Know Thy Enemy.

It is foolish indeed not to know your true enemy. Conservatives say, "Obama is weak, a paper tiger, a sissy, frightened of his own shadow."  And to a great extent on a personal level he lives in constant fear. 

A Friend said, "Honestly, what power does he have? He only has so-called power if We let him and say nothing. I'm thinking all he has is the intimidation factor. That's it. Ovomit is the bully who lives down the street, and takes your lunch money from you at school. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY has ever challenged him. So therefore, he'll keep taking Our lunch money, and getting his little minions into place. We, the People need to stand and challenge him. Think about this. When We do this, honestly, what do you think he can do? Nothing. Because you can't beat the numbers."

This represents a dangerous assessment of the enemy.  Obama himself is not the enemy, he is the puppet of the real enemy. Obama is not an isolated man, some egoist who has through sheer ambition risen to power. When you challenge Obama you are challenging the entire New World Order Structure, whose foot soldiers reside in every institution in this nation, which controls the media and under "emergency powers" every police force in this nation. They also control massive international power. Last year, seeing his massive and sudden drop in popularity around the world evidenced by his first and second Brandenberg speeches (first speech almost a million people showed up, second speech 48 HUNDRED people showed up) - in fear he invoked "A Declaration of International Economic Emergency" which allows for the use of foreign U.N. Troop inside the U.S. - 

Obama, on a personal level is not ambitious at all, he is dutifully and sometimes reluctantly and lazily carrying out his roll for the New World Order. The only thing that every raises his passions is his support of The Muslim Brotherhood.  HE himself is a puppet without power, whose administration would crumble in a matter of days were the elites to feel threatened by him and withdraw their support.

As to the "nobody has ever challenged Obama," others in the power structure have acted to protect him. There is a string of dead bodies along the path of his "concealed life history" which to this day is still hidden from public scrutiny, all his record sealed. And a string of bodies of people who have threatened him while he has been in office.  The Reporter Michael Hastings, and Andrew Breitbart, just to name two. There is no telling the number of lesser known and unknown people who have been "eliminated." 

It is foolish who confront an enemy whose real power and allies are hidden to you.  Breitbart proved this in spades, crowing about the embarrassing video tapes he possess that would "take down the President."  Result Breitbart eliminated with the heart attack gun, developed by the CIA 40 years ago, and the video tapes disappearing into the ether. 

I AM NOT saying do not challenge This Totalitarian State. I am for putting MILLIONS of people on the streets of D.C. start May 16th, 2014 and staying there till the military chooses sides. But I'm also aware that that crowd will be infiltrated with New World Order foot soldiers willing to do anything to secure the NWO Power.


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