Sunday, September 7, 2014

New Age Movement = New World Order

When I speak of the MIND WAR Warriors, and their Mind Control System, the New World Order Power Structure, and the several "psycho-political schemes" that work presently in unison, that being Secularism, Occultism, New Ageism, NeoConservatism, Progressivism and Islam - All being Luciferian - if you do not understand the tie, the coordination, the thing that ties them together and has made them function in the last forty years in UNISON, please take the time to hear this Christian Lawyer's experience. I didn't learn anything new here, but I can testify that her cogent presentation is a MUST SEE. The collection of Mind War Facts she ties together are absolutely accurate and TRUE. 

People grieving at the loss of our Republic, everyday ask me, "What can we do?" Few understand my answer when I say:
We have to answer the questions, 
"Where are we?" and 
"How did we get here?" and 
"Can we existentially prove our answers to questions (1) and (2). 
Most have NO clue what I mean. They think I am speaking simply about the corruption of government that ended in the lost of the Republic. They are one-tenth right. What the don't understand is that the NINE-TENTHS is THEIR loss of THEIR Christian Heritage, which causes THEM the inability to perceive TRUTH and leaves THEM victims of the Mind War. 

The Mind War is Multi-faceted. Please take time to view and understand this presentation. If you have questions or opinions AFTER watching it, express them. If you do not watch the video, please refrain from commenting.

Notice that her "New Age Experience" began from books sold at Cokesbury Book Store - the official Book Store of the United Methodist Church.  When I named in my article on the MIND WAR, the instruments they use for brainwashing I was not exaggerating adding - "Social Justice Christianity."  I should have added to the list, Gnostic, Marxist and Occultic Christianity as well. In my journey across the decades I have witnessed all these in full bloom parading as "Christian Church."


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