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The Insanity of the Scientistic Dictatorship Elite's Culture

Twenty years ago I was at the Art Institute Museum in Chicago. I stood on the 4th floor with tears of sadness, shame and more than a little anger in my thoughts.  Before me was a canvas nearly forty feet wide and about twelve feet high. It dominated the "modern art" exhibit. It was painted a dark chocolate color, totally consistent like on a wall, except for the lower left hand corner which was faded to a medium to light creamed-coffee color.  It came complete with brass plaque explaining the genius of the artist.  A woman stood enraptured by this mass of chocolate color. Her little daughter, no more that seven years old was tugging on her arm saying, "Let's go. I want to see the Cassants." The mother felt the need to enlighten the child and gave her a lecture on minimalism.  I literally had to bite my tongue to keep from belly laughing or screaming "Stupid CUNT!" at the diabolical ignorance of the mother, who was expressing the insanity of the Scientistic Dictatorship Elite's assault on REASON. Here before my eyes was a parent cooperating, participating in the madness, helping to indoctrinate her own child! She was teaching that child that forty feet of chocolate colored canvas, faded in a corner was high culture, and represented the pinnacle of creativity and reason within Western Civilization and deserved to be inshrined and venerated in the glorious Chicago Art Institute Museum.  What a silly ICON of human imagination it was! At least it was just dumb and not totally demonic like some of the art. 

I heard the words from that beautiful Orthodox hymn, "Your Holy Spirit inspires artists, poets and scientists" . . . and I had to add, except for the demonically insane ones. 

I did not have the discipline to remain silent, but I would not break a cardinal rule and demean a parent in front of a child.  Instead, I backed up a few feet to a very authoritative looking middle aged black female security guard.  I observed the blank harsh stare in her eyes which said, "Don't speak to me!" I leaned into her ear and said very faintly, "Are you and I the only sane people in this room, who know that, that chocolate monstrosity is utter shit; a total con-game? I just pooped a better version this morning."  She looked at first shocked and then her eyes lit up and came alive. She turn and looked at me like I was the kindest, sweetest person she had ever seen in her life; like she was in a crypt and suddenly the resurrected Jesus waked in.  Honest, I would not have been shocked if she had kissed me. I think it took restrain on her part not to hug me. We were now nose to nose almost touching; we were too close, it was kiss her or back up. I opted for the latter.  Tears welled in her eyes and she said, "Honey, it is a parade of insane white people thru here every day.  I hate the 4th floor!"  I said, "Don't ever doubt that this is shit." She said, "Thank you for saying so. So few white folk have the sense to see it for what it is."

Moments of insanity: 
I personally witnessed John Cage playing his one note concerto, variously tapping and then pounding one note for an inexorably long time, while stupid people who had paid for this abuse, gazed as if hearing angels sing. I was actually paid to tune the whole piano for this crap con-game performance. 

The Scientistic Dictatorship Elite are not mad; they are diabolical, rather Luciferian. They laugh at us, who are too stupid to get it. They have created an insane culture for us - which is aimed at destroying reason, aimed at dulling our intrinsic sense of truth, goodness and beauty and WE are buying it! 

Ordinary people with the powers of abstraction know intrinsically what is beautiful, what is good, what is true, when they see it and hear it.  But they are susceptible to hypnotic manipulations. And the satanic hypnotists have been working overtime. 

It is true that tastes become refined - like the reason I know that Art Tatum was the greatest pianist who has so far lived, and most people don't get it.  But most people can observe that Art's music is different, that he works hard at it, even if they don't realize its "extra" qualities, like all trained musicians do.  Understand, Art isn't trying on this tape, he is just "playing around" with a classical theme.  Trust me Horowitz could not have touched this if he practiced 24/7 for all his life.  

By comparison, here is a minimalist painting, how hard do you think this fellow worked?  Come on!  You know that most any imbecile on a tricycle could accomplish this. I've seen artists ten thousand times more gifted at the Georgia Retardation Center.  (GRC - Chamblee, Georgia  - closed in the 1980s - It housed profoundly retarded children and adults.)  

That wonderful Gospel of Thomas - that isn't really Gnostic like the Roman Catholic Church says, but is rather pictures of spiritual growth stated in esoteric terms.  It has a verse that goes, "There is coming a time when men old in years will not hesitate to ask a young child the meaning of life." 

There was a time I believed that sentence to mean that children in the "end times" would be born with great wisdom. Now, IN the end times, which are surely these days, I have discovered that the small child isn't especially wise, as per the innate intelligence of the human species, born with the ability of abstraction. Rather that the generations preceding have grown insane, dumb to reason, devoid of the ability of abstraction. Sadly many under fifty, more under forty, and most under thirty, fit this description having relinquished matters of reason and taste to the "insane elite" who are creating our morals and our culture for us.  A culture where this represents creativity:

and this is judged passe'.

Not just passe' but schmalzy and sentimental, even vulgar, to hear some effeminate modern art critics tell the story. 

It is an insane culture where this represents great talent and wisdom and sells for tens of millions of dollars in the economy of the Scientific Dictatorship Elite - 

And this isn't art.

BTW, I painted this painting in 1990, and am very proud that it recently sold  out of a San Diego gallery for $14,889. dollars.  I gave it away, never made a penny on it. It is worth much to me to know that some of my stuff is being "appreciated" figuratively and literally. 

Don't think this insanity is new. I was just a small child in the early 50s when audiences were being conned into believing that John Cage meant anything. Do a little research and realize that this is from a kinescope recording which were very expensive to make. Money and Power were behind this attack on REASON.  



Honest, people paid money to see this con-game. People were too insecure in their own GOD GIVEN perceptions to assert openly that this is SHIT. They were told that John Cage's insanity was "high art" and like somnambulistic zombies they bought it! Believed it!  

However, my compositions were not even in the arena, not reviewed, they were not art. 


The effeminate local art/music critic told me he was doing me a favor by not writing about my performances because they just were not original and showed my lack of training.  You be the judge. 



WAKE UP and be the judge. 

Which is art?


or (2) 


or (4) 

(5) I actually like this Cage piece - which he wrote twenty years later when his first con had grown stale.  However, every concert grand he desecrated like this was useless for real artists until restored. 

or (6)

Folks, please WAKE UP!

Twenty years later I still hear that child's plea in my ears,  "Let's go. I want to see the Cassants." The small child full of wisdom and the mother, conditioned, dumb, locked into the insanity of the Culture.  I've held that small child in my heart all these years and hope that today she isn't standing in front of some demonic or meaningless piece of shit indoctrinating her own child into the reason-demolishing culture of the NEW WORLD ORDER. 

A Scientistic Dictatorship Elite?  Really?   Why should we NOT take them at their word?

Why should we NOT take them at their word.


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