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Gladio - Plan B - New World Order Controlled Islamic Terrorism.

If you care about truly understanding the power structure that is the Anglo-American New World Order. Spend a few days listening to each one of the following videos and stopping them every time you hear a concept or name you do not recognize. Research that concept/name so that you can understand what Ms Edmonds is saying. This is not "kindergarten-spoon-feeding" this is advanced NWO-ology. You have to already know quite a bit about what is happening in the world or this will make no sense to you.

This does not cover the Banking interests - the Wealth-Power of the Ruling Elite, but the mechanisms they are using for conquest and control.

The fount of information is a bobbly-headed Iranian woman who worked as a translator for the FBI.  She almost dances in her seat as she talks, which is very distracting - it is tedious, really - and takes patience, so don't watch her but listen intently. Her name is Sibel Edmonds, she wrote:  

Classified Woman-The Sibel Edmonds Story: A Memoir 

one of the most fascinating and informative books I've ever read.

I have been telling anyone who would listen that it was Western Money and influence behind Islamic Terrorism, that in fact, the New World Order is NeoCon/Marxist/Muslim.  By the time you finish this study you will understand why that statement is absolutely rational and reasonable.  

The NeoCon international money structure is creating in the West a "Sharia Compliant" international Socialist System. Re-creating a "serf-system" for ordinary people, while they take complete control of all power and wealth.  Sadly America has become/is becoming a Sharia Compliant Socialist (Dhimmi) State.  Most people find this confusing when Super-Capitalist create "police state socialism" but the reason is simple, they solidify their control by taking over the government(s) and controlling people by governmental edict, while through the socialist system, making normal people dependent upon that system for survival, and thus POWERLESS.

The Super-Capitalist in their battle with Communism, used a vast terrorist network of "mafia types" to battle Communism in Europe and the world, including here in the U.S., (remember the mafia/CIA connection concerning CUBA) that was "Gladio Plan A" = Massive underworld crime figures and drug/white-slaving cartels financed by CIA/NATO and their own criminal enterprises, which were protected by the N.W.O. System.  They were used to subvert local dissenters by drug infiltration, character elimination by vice-compromise and by targeted assassinations.

Gladio Plan A still exists, but it functions on a much smaller and more public scale.  (Research the open drug and prostitution in Europe as an example.)

Following the fall of communism, Gladio Plan B became the dominant force of the covert WARS run by NATO/CIA/NWO.  Gladio Plan B, began with a CIA operation in Afghanistan, PRIOR to the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, and was the REASON for the Russian invasion. Gladio Plan B, is Islamic Jihad, used in the furtherance of NWO Goals. And it is much larger, much deadlier than Gladio Plan A.

You know (or you should know by now) that Al Qiada is CIA, create by a joint venture between the Muslim Brotherhood and the CIA, as was HAMAS and a host of other Jihadi 'tribes."   If you don't know this, start with this video. The first half will give you the information you need to proceed.

How the New World Order beats non-Compliant Nations into New World Order Submission. 
This is how we know that ISIS and a host of smaller groups are not a result of some spontaneous Muslim uprising, but created by the New World Order, to use as blunt instruments to beat non-compliant nations, into New World Order submission, or to destroy them so they can be "rebuilt later" to order. 

When you finish this study, you will understand just how Luciferian the New World Order truly is, how murderous, anti-christian, bringing us nothing but war and genocide. 

If you are interested in the History of Gladio Part A - here is a good documentary. However, it would leave you thinking that this is all past-tense, when in fact it is very operative even today.

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