Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Heliocentrism vs Geocentrism - Could it still actually be a debate?

If you listen to this interview, which is really a history of man's understanding of his place in the universe, a brief history of Cosmology, and you are able to "keep up" and understand the concepts presented, it will change your view of what the earth is and who you are forever.  You will discover that Copernicus, Darwin and Einstein are ancient theories that can no longer carry the weight of new discoveries, refuted by actual Scientific data.

And what the scientists running the Planck space telescope will not tell you, is that the EARTH is in the center of that universe, not the Sun, not Mars, not the Milky Way or any other heavenly body - just the EARTH, CLEARLY in the Center of the Universe. 

The Truth is . . . THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!  Well, everything except the ancient Judeo/Christian understanding of Creation, and God and man's place in that creation. 

BTW, did you know that the Quasar Bands, actually place the earth in the center of them.  If you watched the video above by "Science Mafia" you would already know this. They draw graphics of the Quasar Bands in all sorts of manipulated graphics to hide this fact from you.

Now this black hole discovered in February 2015, destroys/undermines ALL Modern Cosmology and related physics.

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