Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Obama's Straight Line to the Muslim Brotherhood

If you want to understand Obama, it has little to do with the psychology of the Book/Movie "Dreams From My Father," that is "anti-colonialism." It has everything to do with the consciousness of a Sunni Muslim. If you draw a straight line through every action he has taken domestically and in foreign affairs, they all point to the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood. As we know, he has brutally attacked some Muslims, using the drone policy with the mentality of a 19th century western gunslinger, without regard to the political fallout, which cautioned and subdued George Bush II. He has armed and supported with BILLIONS of U.S. dollars other Islamists who are following the Muslim Brotherhood Playbook.

It is important to note that the U.S. backs Sunnis and their Muslim allies, Russia, China and Korea back the Shiites and their Muslim allies.  Honest folks it is this simple. When you see him making the U.S. vulnerable to traditional enemies, Red China, Russia, etc, the principles of Marxism do not drive him forward, but the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood DO.

So what are the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood?
To destroy or subvert any political power capable of withstanding the vision of Islamic world domination.  Have no illusion, this means that Christians and Conservative Americans are in their cross-hairs. Does this mean that he looks to kill us all.  No, it means that he is cooperating with every force that can divide us, weaken us, destroy our core cultural values, destroy the structure of the Traditional Family, destroy our economy, destroy real free enterprise and enslave us in inhumane "health care." Unhealthy weak enemies struggling for subsistence survival are no enemy at all.
THINK!  How many people do you know who are to one degree or another preparing for "subsistence survival"? 

Sadly most will accept servitude for a crust of bread.  We have already seen hundred of millions willing to sacrifice LIBERTY for the illusion of safety.  The Libertarian Movement has been totally subverted by the Muslim Brotherhood, literally spouting the Brotherhood's playbook, thinking they can freely and hedonistically cavort in the playground of America and not have anything to worry from Islam, if only we will leave the Islamic world to itself. (Wasn't that Paul's foreign policy? Is it not the goal of every Libertarian?)

The Conservative Movement is not far behind. We have constantly and continually underestimated the degree of sophistication of this insurgency INSIDE the U.S. and INSIDE our major institutions and political power centers. What it will take to wake people up is truly unimaginable. After that, will there be strength and means left for battle?  That is the major question of the 21st Century, for the survival of Christian Liberty on the planet?  I won't live to see the answer but many of you will.

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