Friday, March 22, 2013

The seductive, stubborn, grinding, demonic evil of the Secular/Humanist Agenda

The seductive, stubborn, grinding, demonic evil of the Secular/Humanist agenda, devoid of reason but filled with deadly purpose.

Watch carefully! Because, when the conservatives start running victory laps is when the secular/progressivist agenda is taking a step back ready for two steps forward.

I remember the victory lap when the Clinton "Defense of Marriage Act" (DOMA) was passed. The conservatives were in lock step celebrating and I said, "it is a con-game, the ultimate defeat for the sanctity of marriage. You have just ceded jurisdiction of marriage to the Supreme Court.  Why? Prior to DOMA everyone KNEW that Marriage was not the domain of the federal government. Now, while conservatives rest, assured by DOMA that their state will escape the insanity, the secular/humanists will divide and conquer and the states will fall like dominoes until it becomes the law of the land."  We are well on the way to that prediction coming true and DOMA shown to be the FAKE law it was/is. A is/was a mere pretense to change the focus from Real Marriage vs the insanity of Gay Marriage, a thing that cannot in reality BE, into an issue of "civil rights and equal protection under the law." DOMA was/is part of the agenda.

Why Gay Marriage is Impossible.   

Global Warming: 
When the great fraud of Global Warming was exposed and the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change scientist went scurrying for the cracks like roaches in the light, conservatives crowed and celebrated.  After all the theory of Global Warming was "objectively proven to be" a total con-game. As it turned out, NOTHING Al Gore was saying about Global Warming was confirmed and most of it was expose as total lie. I said at the time, "The secular/progressivist will NEVER let this die. They will take one steps back and then when everyone is asleep two steps forward. They retreated and immediately began to talk about "Climate Change" instead of "Global Warming" but now, three years later, they have returned to the Global Warming rhetoric as if the science were REAL.  This morning on CNN they did a weather segment about the dangerous rise in sea levels (not a fact) and they kept saying, "We can't know if rising sea levels played a part in the destruction of Super Storm Sandy, but it could have."   This is important to note that their rhetoric has change from Climate Change, which is a constant and on going part of the earth's natural ecology, driven primarily by the activity of the sun, and other non-man-made factors, and Global Warming, which by their fake theory is 99% man caused.  Why do they persist in the lie? Because these people are possessed of the seductive, grinding demonic evil of the father of lies. Facts and Truth are the first casualty if they stand in the way of The AGENDA.

What is the actual objective observation (thus FACT) about the sea's rise and the IPCC's predictions of huge sea rising, the result of Global Warming? They hold absolutely NO correlation. Yet, there is the secular/humanist/progressivist media, CNN, pumping out the propaganda, and naive, innocent and lazy people will accept the lie as fact. They will believe that Global Warming had something to do with "Super Storm Sandy" the same way they did about Katrina, until for a period the lie was dispelled.  Do you remember the predictions from the experts about the hurricane season following the year of Katrina, and NOTHING they predicted came true.  They predicted the most active hurricane season on record and what actually happened was one of the least active season EVER.  The FACT is that Sandy is not the worst storm to hit Manhattan. It is merely the worse storm to hit since Manhattan was massively developed. Just like the coming destruction of New Orleans was common knowledge, yet everyone acted shocked when it actually happened. So the fact that the vulnerable sections of the East Coast are just that "VULNERABLE" and far more vulnerable than most people believe, yet when the vulnerability turns real event everyone is "shocked." Reminds me of Plato telling the Egyptians they were stupid because their knowledge kept being washed away in the floods of the Nile. How they couldn't hold the true ancient knowledge because they were constantly responding to "crisis." "Crisis" is the means the controllers are using now on many fronts. Sandy Hooks was a "crisis", Super Storm Sandy another "crisis."  They raped our economy with a "too big to fail, crisis."  Super Storm Sandy, and our present weather cycles have NOTHING to do with the myth of Global Warming.  

You could write books about each of the paragraphs above, and many have, exposing the lies, yet the lies keeps coming, because it isn't a matter of "truth" it is a matter of the demonic agenda.  There is a list of other subjects where one could write books that would all fit the same scenario, because THE LIAR is coming at Humankind, destroying Human Liberty and Human Dignity on many fronts, and the RIGHT and the LEFT are cooperating.

The Devolution of Self-Governance
The Rise of the Police State
The Destruction of Privacy via imperial law and technology.
The Attack on Religious Liberty
The Attack on Free Speech
The Attack on the Right of Self Protection
The Attack on the Rights of Parents
The Sexualization and Arrested Maturity of the Young.
The Destruction of Reason
The Epidemic of youthful suicide and other destructive behavior.
The Devolution of Medical Care under centralize oppression
The Attack on the Family
The Attack on the innocence of Children
The Attack on Education
The Attack on Natural Foods.
The Attack on Free Enterprise
The Attack on Art, Music and Literature
The Devolution of Entertainment to greater and greater levels of demonic evil.
The Attack on realistic Energy Policies
The Capitulation to Sharia
I'm sure this is a very incomplete list.  I remember as a young piano tuner, writing a paper for a piano technician's journal entitled "The Thirty-Two reasons a piano key can stick or otherwise malfunction."  Luckily I had the humility to add a sentence at the end, "I'm sure this is a very incomplete list" because by the time the old guys finished with me, the list numbered seventy six individual reasons, and many multiples of combinations of reasons. And that was just a simple lever mechanism with one inclined plane. So, I'm absolutely sure this is a very incomplete list of the ways we battle The Father of Lies, as he attacks humanity from all angles. 

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