Saturday, March 23, 2013

What Has Center Right Weak Conservatism Wrought?

John X, like most conservatives is only half conservative.  He was willing to jump on the Romney band wagon, the man who is the Father of Gay Marriage in America, who has been on every side of every major issue of our time. The sad difference between so many Couch-Conservatives and Cadillac Liberals, is that basically they are the same, that is: willing to cede to government powers government doesn't rightly have nor constitutionally possess, IF they are convinced that such use of power is aimed at "their" enemies.

Obama legally has been no greater dictator than George Bush, both hold/held unconstitutional power, which they frame as "extra-constitutional" but in the end holds/held dictatorial powers under The Emergency Powers Act. When Bush exercised the same power the liberals screamed in protest and claimed to be Constitutionalists at heart, while the conservatives betrayed the Constitution ceding LIBERTY by various means, methods and laws, claiming it was prudent in the face of the enemy. Now that Obama is exercising the same powers the conservatives scream and all claim to be Constitutionalist.

The Fact Remains: were the Couch Conservatives truly conservative, actual protectors and honorers of the Constitution and the Principles of LIFE, LIBERTY and Private Property they would have NEVER surrendered liberty because of fear. They would have screamed and demanded legislation in the face of the infamous Kansas v Hendricks SCOTUS precedent in June of 1997 like I did. They called me a radical because I DID scream in protest, they called me an alarmist and even a provocateur. They chanted the old mantra, "Our Government would never do anything like that." "Our Government has our best interest at heart." Even today most of these "reality challenged individuals"
 do not have a clue what that ruling was and why it was the death of LIBERTY.

The Fact Remains: Everything said in the paragraph above can be said in mirror image for the Cadillac Liberals.

I'm not seeing anything better from the younger generations and certainly nothing better from the "libertarian movement." You all were raised on the false premise of UNPRINCIPLED consensus building and compromise. It was part of your brainwashing in public education and via the media.  You believe that if enough people agree to it, that a man can be a wife and mother, and a woman can be a husband and father. You think this is "Liberty" when it is insanity.  Can you distinguish between Liberty and Freedom? I can give you a hint, Liberty is precious and life engendering, it produces productivity and wealth, the development of talents and innovation. Freedom is hellish-chaos and death engendering, it robs promise and devolves to soft or hard anarchy. Do you believe there is objective good and objective evil in the world, and that no compromise to evil will ever end well? No you do not believe this, you believe as you have been brainwashed to believe that "everything is relative, only different shades of gray."

The U.S. Constitution second to the Bible is the single greatest document for the Good of Mankind in the known history of mankind.  It has produced more people experiencing a greater degree of liberty in its influence around the world, than have lived on the planet in the previous period of known history.  That is an impressive feat! The Constitution did not arrive to us in a vacuum, it wasn't created out of whole cloth, in other words it has a history of "coming to be."  That history makes it clear that the Christian principles upon which the Constitution was formed are its ROOTS, cannot be separated from it without destroying it.

That history includes the work of Cardinal Robert Bellarmine, Saint Thomas Aquinas, and several others.  For this reason Libertarianism is no better than Marxism in the protection of Constitutional Liberties. Both are at the core anti-God, anti-Christ.  The Sharia loving Jihadis are taking true advantage of the work of both groups.  Just as they have infiltrated the ranks of CPAC and harnessed the dialectic to their purposes, they own the Libertarian dialectic.

We have an enemy, in fact multiple enemies, without and within our gates, and until we realize that the defense of Liberty has to be "principled", has to be based upon our core principles of LIFE, LIBERTY and PRIVATE PROPERTY, we will continue to lose the war.

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