Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Can you IMAGINE the un-holy propaganda hell that would have been unleashed, if CNN had captured ten seconds of Russian Separatists listening to JAZZ MUSIC while they handled the bodies of the Malaysian Airlines victims????  (Read to the end so you can understand this question - it has to do with the massive propaganda you are being fed)
Ogden M. Pleissner's battlefield painting of the burial of WWII G.I's killed in the Normandy Invasion.

Woke up a 3 AM CDT and decided that I would watch one hour of CNN, just to understand the complexity of the propaganda operation to demonize Putin and Russia. In that hour, no joke, I was treated to the CNN anchors explaining that 

(1) "there is no clear intelligence on either side."  This sounds reasonable, fair and balanced but untrue. The Radar imagery of the Ukrainian Fighter Jet approaching the Malaysian Airliner to within 3 Kilometers as the plane was blown from the sky - a plane that carries a missile with an 11 kilometer range. This is FACT.

(2) They never mentioned that it would be insane, from a world public relations sense for Russia or the Russians of East Ukraine to shoot down a passenger plane.

(3) They never mention the credible reports that this was a botched assassination attempt by Obama and his NWO Fed buddies, the same week the BRIC Alliance created a NEW WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY.  That Putin's plane that looks very similar was close by, as he was making his way home from the BRIC Alliance Conference.

(4) They admitted that the Malaysian Government Experts had no difficulty reaching the crash site and gaining possession of the flight data and flight voice recorders.

(5) They did mention the fact that Russia claims there was a Ukrainian fighter jet near at the time of the shoot down.

(6) Every other comment hinted a "Putins guilt." 

(7) Even though the bodies were handled with all the care and respect possible inside a war zone (far more care and respect than our WWII casualties received on the battle field, where many times they were simply buried in place)  that somehow the bodies were "disrespected." 

(8) They ended or at least I ended my viewing when they made the following tease.
"As the investigation unfolds now as to who shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, all eye on Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Will evidence at the scene link him to the crime? Will he break and admit some culpability? This after the break." 


Can you see that the imagery they evoke in your mind is that of a criminal suspect "in the box" under interrogation.  Where the detectives assume guilt and try to get the suspect to confess. And this imagery used of the ONLY powerful world leader who has ACTED to protect Christians from persecution and slaughter in Syria and Egypt just to name two instances. The ONLY international leader that has chided other world leaders for ignoring the worldwide present persecution of Christians.  The most powerful leader in opposition to the New World Order/Federal Reserve, the President of the geographically largest countries on the planet, pictured by CNN ( and the rest of the NWO Propaganda media) as a suspect "in the Box."  WAKE UP! 

When I heard them talking about treating bodies in a war zone with disrespect, I remembered this paragraph that accompanied this painting by Ogden M. Pleissner a WWII battlefield artist.  Explaining the context of this picture he wrote, "Just after the Normandy invasion I was driving down a road in my jeep and I heard loud jazz music coming from behind a hedgerow.  There was a graves detail detachment working there, and thought I didn't want to go in and have a look I thought I'd better.  There were lots of bodies laid out and they all had a strange, sweet smell.  Just like a field of new-mown hay.  Whenever I drive through the valleys here in Vermont after the hay has been cut I remember this picture and this place.  there were these guys in there handling all this.  God! They had a radio blaring all kinds of jazz music. Then these trucks would come in with another load of bodies and they'd dump them off and hell, it was terrible, just terrible.  Of course the War Department doesn't care much for this picture, but I want to put it in the book."  

Can you IMAGINE the un-holy propaganda hell that would have been unleashed, if CNN had captured ten seconds of Russian Separatists listening to JAZZ MUSIC while they handled the bodies of the Malaysian Airlines victims????
You are in my prayers
Archpriest Symeon Elias

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