Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Color of the New World Order

Can anyone deny that the Oligarchs of the New World Order are at their heart NAZIS?  After all what is the New World Order but yet one more Utopian vision, the hubris of the ruling elite who in the immoderation created by the atheist Enlightenment Philosophers have bowed to the morbid idea that they may fix everything, once and for all, according to their Utopian plan. It is a philosophy that denies all Traditional Morality, and any Ethical restraint that would be clear if they did not believe themselves having moved beyond the limitations of Good and Evil. They see their actions, no matter how evil, no matter what suffering, no matter what carnage as justified for the ultimate goal of "fixing everything all at once and for all time."  When you hear George HW Bush's New World Order speeches, this is the underlying theme. It has required the creation of the present Culture of Death, where the elimination of billions of human beings is seen as "desirable" and not evil.

To know this is true, all one has to do is read the writings of the New World Order Elite.  To know they are serious about their goals, all one has to do is read the history of the last 60 years.  Actually, the history of the last two centuries, but for brevity sake let us just consider the last 60 years in which we have seen artificial (purposely created) wars, artificial (purposely created) diseases, artificial (purposely created) famine and abortion wipe out close to 2 BILLION people world wide.

Hitler did not invent this Global Genocide, but he understood it and believed in it. When reading Hitler's words, one would only need change a few words to make it the very definition of the actions, methods and goals of the present New World Order.

The volkisch (racial/nation identity) concept of the world recognizes that the primordial racial elements are of the greatest significance for mankind.  In principle, the State is looked upon only as a means to an end and this end is the conservation of the racial characteristics of mankind. Therefore on the volkisch principle we cannot admit that one race is equal to another.  By recognizing that they are different, the volkish concept separates mankind into races of superior and inferior quality.  On the basis of this recognition it feels bound, in conformity with the eternal Will that dominates the universe, to postulate the victory of the better and stronger and the subordination of the inferior and weaker.  And so it pays homage to the truth that the principle underlying all Nature's operation is the aristocratic principle and it believes that this law holds good even down to the last individual organism . . . The volkisch belief holds that humanity must have its ideals, because ideals are a necessary condition of human existence itself."  
(Now if you want to understand why there is presently a world wide Christian Genocide, the reason is found in Hitler's next statement.) "But, on the other hand, it denies that an ethical ideal has the right to prevail if it endangers the existence of a race that is the standard-bearer of a higher ethical ideal.  For in a world which would be composed of mongrels and negroids all ideals of human beauty and nobility and all hopes of an idealized future for our humanity would be lost forever."

We see that True Christianity values the life of EVERY Human, regardless of race, abilities, talents, intelligence, skills, etc.  Such a philosophy is anathema to the New World Order.  Thus the multiple acts of genocide in Africa by both Arab Muslims and the Western Powers, through UNESCO, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and thousands of other "NGOs.  And the massive worldwide Genocide of Christians, all but totally ignored by the New World Order Media." 

Hitler continues, "On this planet of ours human culture and civilization are indissolubly bound up with the presence of the Aryan.  If he should be exterminated or subjugated, then the dark shroud of new barbarian era would enfold the earth . . . "

"Hence, the volkisch concept of the world is in profound accord with Nature's will; because it restores the free play of the forces which will lead the race through stages of sustained reciprocal education towards a higher type, until finally the best portion of mankind will possess the earth and will be free to work in every domain ALL OVER THE WORLD, AND EVEN REACH SPHERES THAT LIE OUTSIDE OF THE EARTH."  Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf (My Struggle) Vol II, Chapter One, Pg 339.

When you hear these elitists talking about humanity making an "evolutionary step" and they ALL talk about it, it is this carnage of which they speak: the culling of world populations for the benefit of human evolution.  All of this hell springs from Atheism, which is the core of modern philosophy and ultimately all is based upon the philosophy of Darwin, found most clearly in his book, "The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex."

We need to take the time to understand the motivation and methods of our enemy. At present the American Federal Government, having been conquered by the power of the New World Order Elite (actually conquered in a Coup d'etat - engineered by Carter, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama) is the most powerful enemy we face.


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