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American/Marxist MENTAL HEALING

Come on! Big Brother is not just watching you, he is dorking with your mind, messing with your emotions, forming your psyche, creating your conscience (or lack thereof), training you in philosophies that make you an easy victim, convincing you that you are important, that he cares about you, while he degrades you to the category of dumb beast. 
Do you think you still live in America, the good ole U.S.A., land of liberty and home of the brave? 

Vernon Weathers: 
I won't forget this, nor Ruby Ridge! The Randy Weaver family were just decent folk who wanted to live in peace and be left alone!
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Debbie Gould-Arceneaux: 
Vernon, I was just discussing this with my husband the other day. We live in the mountains but are considering going deeper. But Ruby Ridge sticks in my mind. There was a time in our country where people moved to locations to be more secluded. You see more and more people moving to areas to get off the grid, to live more organically. But you also hear the stories of government agencies coming in and killing livestock, pouring out milk, destroying cheese, taxing the rain water, or just shutting down their farms because of some little rat that is an endangered species or some little fish that's an endangered species. If somebody could tell me where to go to live in peace, then please do so. We will be there in a heartbeat. For now, all we do is pray.
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Piano Butch Robinson: 
Debbie, could you imagine needing to write a paragraph like that in the Good Ole U.S.A., the land of Mom and Apple Pie, Uncle Sam and Patriotism? Your paragraph shows one clearly how far we have plunged into a Police Surveillance State of Constant Fear, and Total Loss of Privacy.

Why is the Government afraid of those people who simply want to get off the grid? Moving to the wilderness or at least remote rural areas, harming no one, they are simply rugged individuals, with personal determination, self-will, imagination, and personal creativeness; why are they a threat to the American Government? Why, because they remove themselves from the power of the MIND WAR. And if you refuse the "Mental Health" provided by the Mind War, you are a germ and virus to be eliminated. 

Do you think these are radical thoughts and over the top? THINK and Consider:

I've read many documents from the old Soviet Union and the American Communist Party where they planned all of this. 
War is Peace.
Slavery is Freedom.
Ignorance is Strength.
Where our institutions have become so subverted by the "mental healing" of the Mind War that Chris Hedges' words are true.
Doctors destroy Health.
Lawyers destroy Justice.
Universities destroy Knowledge.
Governments destroy Freedom.
The Press destroys Information.
Religion destroys Morals 
Banks destroy The Economy.

What part of this is NOT True?

I harp about "Reason" and "Principles" and "Morals" and how this is the REAL battle, not deficit spending, debt, and libertarian mumbo jumbo, which constantly skews the meaning of our founding documents into radical freedom at the expense of REAL LIBERTY.
Why do I harp?
Because I know that history has proved that these; reason, principles and morals in the Western Civilization form of Judeo/Christian culture, are the only underpinnings of Liberty.  Because I know that when you remove the Creator and the idea that Man is Created in HIS image from the equation, liberty fails, chaos ensues, anarchy reigns and rule of law dies, as the French Revolution clearly taught. I know because no non-God fearing country or culture has ever created the liberty we in America enjoyed for a season, tumultuous and flawed times as they were. Because I know that the Liberty in India, based upon Hindu ethos is less than was American Liberty, where the Caste lines are still strong and even in the last years the lowest cast has been persecuted, people thrown off of generational lands, herded into urban ghettos, when they discovered, much to their surprise, that the lands and forests where their ancestors for generations had earned a living were actually owned by some large corporation; fraud and theft under color of authority, using the power of the state. No one speaks for them. We see the same happening here. Because I know that although the Hindu and Buddhist societies hold the Golden Rule, they were less than the Judeo/Christian societies which hold a deeper grasp of it. Because I know that Marxism and Islam can only produce massive death, displacement and dehumanization. And the most significant BECAUSE, is because I know there is no philosophical difference between the Godless Progressives, the Godless Libertarians, the Godless NeoCons and the Godless Marxists.

How do I know this? BECAUSE I read the following things from documents out of the bowels of the Kremlin from the 1930s.

"Psychopolitics is the art and science of asserting and maintaining dominion over the thoughts and loyalties of individuals, officers, bureaus, and masses and the effecting of the conquest of enemy nations through 'MENTAL HEALING.'"
Did you read that and comprehend it?
Conquest through "MENTAL HEALING"!!!!!!
Like Rick Warren, even Ayn Rand and the like offering Self-Help Narcissism. This understanding of the "degrading aspect" of Marxist Mental Health makes it obvious that Oprah Winfrey was the most effective agent of American destruction in our entire history, having turned the majority of good conservative stay at home Moms and church women and millions of children and teens (Millennials and Gen-X folk) into New Age Utilitarians, thoughtful agnostics or atheists or Wiccans or Satanists, dedicated materialists, religious Unitarian-Ecumenicists and Moral Relativists. ALL PRIMED, having been "MENTALLY CLEARED," relieved of the heavy burden of "old Traditions," made ready for the new Morality. 

What is the new Morality? It is the actual mental and emotional acceptance of GENOCIDE.

More from the bowels of the Kremlin - "Any discipline with the power of real healing must be swept aside."
When you sweep aside what has power to truly heal, have you not hastened death? Is such an action NOT a tool of Genocide?
"They (real healing methods) must be discredited, defamed, arrested, stamped upon even by their own government until there is no credit in them and only Marxist-oriented 'healing' remains." 

The specific real healing it mentions is Christian Faith, Prayer, Real Medical Cures outside the drug culture-Medical Marxist subversion, Personal Discipline, and Individual Reasoning.
"Our fruits are grown in chaos, distrust, economic depression and scientific turmoil .. . a weary populace will seek peace in easy answers."
Thus the attraction to Libertarianism, and the fanaticism and low I.Q. of so many of Ron Paul acolytes.
And as for the individual it says that it is very important to "DEGRADATE HIM."
Why? because it is the most "humane means of conquest and elimination of an enemy." (A means of Genocide) Degrade him "to a beast like passionate state, sating his aberrant obsessions, appetites and fetishes." It says, "Every beast seeks to live, and degradation is more humane than death, since the beast will enjoy what life he has, while effectively ruining his mental and moral abilities and voluntarily shortening his life while enjoying himself in the pig sty."
The papers say to cause this degradation of the people in the culture, "Use the courts, use the judges, use the Constitution . . . use its medical societies, use primarily the mental health establishment and its laws to further our ends." 

Because only a remnant remain who are not brainwashed by the Mind War. Only a few that will demand actions upon reasoned principles and not surrender to "pragmatism" and "utilitarianism."
Pragmatism and Utilitarianism are merely comfortable means to improve the conditions in the pig sty. That is all EVERY Republican Candidate for President is offering, "pragmatism and utilitarianism for improvement of the pig sty." Leaving the Marxist "Mental Health" brainwashed DEGRADING of our population IN PLACE and IN TACT, fully functional for the purpose of "SOFT GENOCIDE." 

The video is of Lt Colonel Michael Aquino on Oprah. He was at the time the number two Satanist in the U.S. and co-author of the MIND WAR, a Top Secret Pentagon Document, the American version of the Soviet Mind Control protocols from which I have been quoting.

Do you know what it says about those who remains strong enough to avoid The New World Order's "MENTAL HEALING" (you know like the kind Oprah dished out five days a week for decades)? They said, "Man is a colonial aggregation of cells, and to consider him an individual would be in error . . . The tenets of rugged individualism, personal determinism, self-will, imagination, and personal creativeness are alike in the masses (they are antithetical) to the good of the Greater State. These willful and unaligned forces are no more than illnesses which will bring about disaffection, disunity and at length the collapse of the group to which the individual is attached."
Amputation of these "organs" is not suggested but "rehabilitation" IS . . . meaning isolation and torture, to instill a "new idea" a "new thought." "However, let us consider the inroad of virus and bacteria hostile to the organism, and we see that unless we can conquer the germ, the organ or organism which it is attacking will, itself, suffer and die." 

- Do you now understand why Obama's henchmen have been persecuting Christians, slaughtering them in the Middle East and Africa, disenfranchising them here in the U.S. for future slaughter . . . why he has been "normalizing" Hedonism pressing the Gay Agenda, running Patriots out of the Military, firing generals and other command structure right and left - now numbering in the many hundreds, conspiring to suppress all contrary thought and opinion through all the instruments of government, the intelligence establishment, DHS, EPA, IRS etc, etc, etc. WE INDIVIDUAL PATRIOTS, versed in the principles of REASON AND MORALS, having escaped being turned into mindless beasts by the Mind War, (excuse me Mental Health Protocols) are viewed by this Marxist/NeoCon/NWO establishment as "viruses and germs" to be eliminated. 

Moving off the grid is like a Jew in NAZI Germany dutifully attaching that GOLD STAR to his clothes. It say, "I'm here to be eliminated." Off the grid passivity is RETREAT for the slaughter. We have to be PRO-active, engaged, find a million means of social, civil disobedience and kill as many Marxist/NeoCon Organs as we can by infecting them with a grasp of TRUE LIBERTY. 

Holding this all in prayer
- Archpriest Symeon Elias

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