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Why Are So Many, So Easily Conned?

Watching the con game that is happening concerning an Article V Convention, and how many "conservatives" have been conned into the movement, a friend rightly and rather wittily opined:

"Asking modern day Americans to amend the Constitution is like asking the Pagan Romans to write the Bible."
What is so disturbing to me about an Article V Convention are some of the disparate groups enthusiastically working together for it.  Did you know that the Muslims, under the guise of "Libertarianism" are actively working with many so-called conservatives and leftists to generate a "Convention of the States" that is, an Article V Convention, where they plan to institute their NEW Constitution? These people are financed by George Soros and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Yet, supposed LIBERTY minded Conservatives, Tea Partiers and Libertarians are flocking to the cause?  Why?

Charles Kacprowicz, of Spruce Pine, N.C. has been working tirelessly for this left wing/Muslim/Libertarian cause, hand in hand with the efforts of "The Young Turks" the voice of the Muslim Libertarians. Ralph Nader has chimed in with his book, "Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance" Here is the spin Nader gives it:

"I see them coming together on various specific objectives of people who call themselves conservatives, libertarians, liberals, progressives, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Third Partiers, capitalists, socialists, or anarchists, or use any other labels free-thinking Americans choose for themselves."

Mirror Video in case the first the above is ever taken down.
Please stop reading and take 16 minutes to watch this video.

I can't imagine ANYTHING this disparate grouping could agree upon that would have any seed of LIBERTY in it. For all of you sheep following Charles Kacprowicz, THINK!  The last thing all these groups "came together about" was when they were manipulated by the Marxist/Trotskyite plot of "Shock Trauma/Direction/Cooperation" created by 9/11 where NONE of them noticed when George W. Bush cancelled the Bill of Rights with his declaration of national emergency, 9/14/2001, on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the passage of the Emergency Powers Act by Jimmy Carter 9/14/1976. We have been living in a Totalitarian Emergency Police State ever since.

This collection of opposition parties and groups, with interests so diverse as to mean LIFE or DEATH coming together to create an Article V Convention can only mean one thing.  Massive manipulation of gullible people, for the purpose of legitimizing the present Tyranny, to codify the Emergency Powers of the President, legitimizing the present Omni-Surveillance, Emergency Powers Police State; legitimizing the total destruction of the Bill of Rights. Further, according to the Muslims involved, make conquest of America easier by removing weapons from CHRISTIANS. The Second Amendment will NEVER Survive an Article V Convention.

Why is an Article V Convention Dangerous?
So! Do you see?
If we have a convention today, there is nothing to stop Delegates from proposing a new Constitution with its own new method of ratification.
New Constitutions are already prepared and waiting for a convention. Here are three:
  • Fifty years ago, the Ford & Rockefeller Foundations produced the Constitution for the Newstates of AmericaIt is ratified by a referendum called by the President [Art 12, Sec. 1]. If we have a convention, and Delegates propose the Newstates Constitution, it doesn't go to the States for ratification – it goes directly to the President to call a Referendum. The States are dissolved and replaced by regional governments answerable to the new national government. Read the Newstates Constitution and tremble for your country.
  • The Revolutionary Communist Party, USA has a Constitution for The New Socialist Republic in North America.
  • The Constitution 2020 movement is funded by George Soros and supported by Marxist law professors and Marxist groups all over the Country, Cass Sunstein and Eric Holder. They want a Marxist Constitution and they want it in place by the year 2020. It further appears that Soros is funding much of the current push for an Article V convention.
Warnings from the Wise
Brilliant men have warned against an Article V convention. It is immoralto dismiss their warnings:
  • Alexander Hamilton writes of "the utter improbability of assembling a new convention, under circumstances in any degree so favorable to a happy issue, as those in which the late convention met, deliberated, and concluded…"  Federalist No. 85 (9th para)
  • James Madison writes in his Nov. 2, 1788 letter to Turberville that he "trembled" at the prospect of a second convention; and that an Article V Convention would give "the most violent partizans" and "individuals of insidious views" "a dangerous opportunity of sapping the very foundations of the fabric" of our CountryIn Federalist No. 49he shows that the convention method is NOT GOOD to correct breaches of the federal constitution because the People aren't philosophers – they follow what influential people tell them! And the very legislators who caused the problem would get themselves seats at the convention so they could control the outcome.
  • Former US Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg reminds us in his Sep. 14, 1986 article in The Miami Herald, that at the convention of 1787, the delegates ignored their instructions from the Continental Congress and instead of proposing amendments to the Articles of Confederation, wrote a new Constitution. He warns that "…any attempt at limiting the agenda [of the convention] would almost certainly be unenforceable."
  • Former US Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Berger warns in his June 1988 letter to Phyllis Schlafly that "there is no effective way to limit or muzzle the actions of a Constitutional Convention"; "After a Convention is convened, it will be too late to stop the Convention if we don't like its agenda"; and "A new Convention could plunge our Nation into constitutional confusion and confrontation at every turn…"


My friend asked with triple question marks? "Why can’t others see it??? How delusional is it? We’ve become so dumbed down. Few are willing to critically think."

What is the answer why so many are so easily manipulated by the propaganda-media? Why tens of millions of Libertarians and Conservatives, who believe they are not so manipulated, incessantly watch countless hours of brainwashing propaganda, and everyday quote their psycho-political manipulators and yet they think themselves "knowing.'


We are facing the result of a decades long MIND WAR, with many facets. One was the purposeful dumbing down of America through the educational system, as was clearly demonstrated and documented by Charlotte Iserbyt when she wrote "The Dumbing Down of America" during the Reagan administration. Conservatives and Christians had an idol named Ronald Reagan and they could not see what was happening, could not accept the extant evidence.


IN the same decade the MIND WAR went into full throttle as designed by General Michael Aquino (then a Major and the second most prominent Satanist in America at the time) and General Paul Vallely (then a Lt Col.) They followed the communist model outlined by the Soviet Communist Mind Scientists in the 1930, exercising a total control over the world's dialectic through Psycho-Political operations. They took control of the "mind sciences" and the media and began to spin their tale of what REALITY really is. Oprah Winfrey was THE MAJOR psycho political/cultural operator of the 20th century. She engaged wittingly or unwittingly in decades of brainwashing, but she was joined by an ARMY of "personalities" on both sides of the FAKE political divide.


Mirror Video in case the original above is ever taken down.

The Luciferian methods of the MIND WAR created by Michael Aquino and Paul Vallely actually came from the bowels of the Kremlin, from the Soviet Psycho-Political Experts of the 1930's.  Here is an example of their craft and what is at the core of Political Correctness:

"Propaganda should continue and stress the rising incidence of insanity in a country."  Thus the disproportionate coverage of sadistic crimes, neglectful and abusive parents, hateful images of angry right-wing Americans, the depiction of stay at home moms as prisoners of "patriarchy" or aimless sluts (The House Wife of whatever city Series) the depiction of those with Traditional Judeo/Christian Moral values as bigots, homophobic (notice the clinical name) and Islamophobic (again notice the CLINICAL name) or worse, self-hating perverts.

"The entire field of human behaviour, for the benefit of the country, can, at length, be broadened into abnormal behaviour." This was accomplished in the U.S., the complete removal of common sense, replaced by the bridle and bit of Political Correctness.

"Thus, anyone indulging in any eccentricity, particularly the eccentricity of combating psychopolitics, could be silenced by the authoritative opinion on the part of the psychopolitical operative." 
 Today our entire Media and ninety-percent of educators, politicians, clergy, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc are psycho-political operators.  They created a completely false consciousness for the masses, where the individuals THINK they are informed, and they THINK they know, they THINK they are well adjusted and mentally healthy.  But HAVING RESIGNED ALL COMMON SENSE and MORAL PRINCIPLES, are simply brainwashed from decades of hypnotic suggestion.

I could take the history of this brainwashing all the way back to the takeover of American Christian institutions, Harvard and the like, starting in the 1890s by the European educational model, which was based on philosophical and moral relativism. They simply adopted an extreme materialist model of thinking, of constructing what
reality is. They in fact removed the anchors of sanity from the educational system, and watched their work create the culture of generations next, which was/is a culture of death. And that saying "culture of death" is not just colorful language, since genocide in the form of Eugenics and elimination of the political-sane-ones was insured by blackmail, bribery, and if that didn't work through assassinations and non-lethal genocide. This was their plan from the beginning. We have their word for it. It was planned, it was purposeful.

What Constitution of Liberty could be designed by a representative conglomeration of our present political structure and population that has been conditioned away from comprehension of LIBERTY by decades of psycho-political conditioning? 


By the time Charlotte Iserbyt (and a few million others) realized what was happened, the culture was already so dumbed down few of those who bothered to read her work could understand what she was saying. Most, blissfully hypnotized, had no inclination to care.  Life was good, it was prosperous, we were having fun, experimenting with new ideas and lifestyles. Those that stood against the AGENDA were eliminated, like Congressman Larry MacDonald who was a dear friend, along with a huge list of others. 

Now, we ask critical thinking from those who have been conditioned to reason with their emotions, to believe that how they "feel" about something is reality, even if it has absolutely no empirical-real-life-evidence. They will hold their opinion as sacrosanct and dismiss anyone presenting contrary empirical-real-life-evidence with such relativist statements as "You have your truth and I have mine." What they don't grasp is that those "feelings" without empirical evidence were manufactured through much conditioning of the Mind War. 

In the stark realities of the Cold War, some conservatives, all libertarians and even some CHRISTIAN conservatives thought they 
saw hope in Ayn Rand's Objectivism, mistaking that for reason and critical thinking. But since she was Godless, what she created was merely a heartless form of Hobbesian Utilitarianism. So today most we mistake as awake, (conservatives/libertarians etc) are not, they have merely adopted Utilitarianism and seek what is less painful, not realizing that the real solutions to restore liberty cannot come without lots of pain. Lots of personal pain. Why? Because truly awakening from the conditioning is personally painful because the MIND WAR has wounded our lives, wounded our families, wounded marriages, clouded our perceptions. It has created both meaningless insane opulence and poverty and death around us, when our society should be LIFE engendering and flourishing. Instead, it is dying off, and politicians are saying that we need a massive influx of Aliens to "fire the economy" of our nation. And others arrogant in their conditioned delusions have become the marks of those who seek to comfortably codify their slavery through an Article V Convention. 

Those who are challenged to awaken go through the typical stages of grief as outline by Elizabeth Kubler Ross in "On Death and Dying." 

The first stage is denial and isolation - they shun those who challenge them to see reality.
The second is extreme anger. Most conservatives are STILL in these first two stages despite all the current evidence that they have been living a fantasy.
The Third is Bargaining (this is where the temptation to an Article V conventions fits) they want the quick fix. In total fantasy they believed two years ago it was Romney. If not Romney then anyone who they think can "save them."  In their Bargaining they seek, by miraculous methods, to resurrect democratic processes in a Republic that has DIED, processes that have long been REPLACED with something antithetical to LIBERTY.
Fourth those who truly awake immediately suffer deep depression. It is fired by the simple thought, "How Could I have been so stupid?"
Finally comes acceptance of REALTY, acceptance of the situation and NOTHING REAL, nothing bathed in LIBERTY, can be designed and fought for, until this level of understanding arrives. 

In the dumbed down state, people lead their lives simply on material/economic terms and believe that prosperity is the answer. The Communists of the 1930s knew that to destroy America would be easy, since extreme prosperity and extreme dependence both create their own mental disorders. When Bush said, "Here is how you fight terrorism. Go spend money. Leave the War on Terror to the experts." (Do you remember this?) He was seeking to use excess as a means of pacification while they completed the work to take us down.

One says, "I hope it is not too late." That is denial. We have already fallen, the Republic is no more. No answer inside "the system", including an Article V Convention, will be outside "the agenda."

READ IT AGAIN:  NO ANSWER INSIDE "THE SYSTEM" INCLUDING AN ARTICLE V CONVENTION, WILL BE OUTSIDE "THE AGENDA."  In other words, The New World Order Agenda, as outlined in Agenda 21, and many other sources has COMPLETE AND UNFETTERED CONTROL OF THE SYSTEM. It will have complete and unfettered control of an Article V Convention. In the video above where Farris mocks, "I'm not frightened of George Soros! He has control of the media, and huge power in Washington, but does not control the states."  Really? Can one base this on the evidence, when almost all state governments just violated their own law, and accepted COMMON CORE by state executive fiat? Can one base this on the evidence, when City, County and State Government have been wholesale adopting AGENDA 21 for TWO DECADES?  This is all Soros and the New World Order Agenda in action at the City, County and State level.

 Civil Disobedience, defiance and revolt are the ONLY sane options left to us.

This isn't opinion as to the level of control held by The Agenda People. They have had complete control as the study to be release by Princeton University in Oct 2014 clearly shows, for at least four decades. (I was given an advanced copy). It proves from statistical data that "We the People" have had NO effect on public policy, that all public policy has been controlled by Corporation/Special Interest. With the massive tools of PRISM and many corporations holding similar capabilities, NOTHING can be organized where they will not have COMPLETE Control.  That Oligarchy OWNS this government and all the governments of Europe, and most elsewhere as well, and holds mortgages on most of the property. This ownership includes the State Governments as well and most local city and county governments, also.  As we know Agenda 21 has operated from the City, County Level upward, morphing those local governments into the Marxist Agenda Driven Apparatus. They have been exceedingly wise in their treachery, we have been dumb animals grazing in the pastures they created for us, and sadly it has been a slaughter yard and each month that rolls by the slaughter intensifies.

One has to understand the depth of the problem and at its core is massive advancement in technology and how that technology has displace labor, destroyed privacy, and empowered the Elite holding the Technology.  

If you drew a line representing the technological advancement of mankind, and the graph was three city blocks long, representing the known history of mankind on the planet. By 1400, that line would be a mere one quarter of an inch off the base line of primitive man, not yet aware of fire. But in 1400 that line turned almost ninety degrees upward and in six hundred years the line would have to be more than five miles high to accurately depict what has occurred in technological advancement in every area of human knowledge. And thus in the POWER of those who hold the technology. 

How have the powers that be decided to deal with this phenomenon, this massive advancement in the power of technology?  They have told us by many means, but the most striking memorial to their goals is represented by the Georgia Guide Stones. A monument that sits in the countryside near Elberton, Georgia. 

"Maintain Humanity under 500,000,000. 

(half a billion people on earth - a declaration of massive genocide, after all there are more than seven billion people on the planet. And do not think this number represented some older time, when population was much less. This New World Order monument to the AGENDA was erected in the 1980s!) 

"Guide Reproduction Wisely, Improving Fitness and Diversity"

(1.5 BILLION abortions on planet earth just between 1990 and 2011, according to Evolutionary Demographer Dr. Robert J. Wyman, Professor of Biology, Yale University - 80 percent Black and Brown people. )  

"Unite Humanity With A Living New Language" 

(Do you remember the story of the Tower of Babel?)

"Rule Passion, Faith, Tradition and All Things with Tempered Reason."
(Who are we going to give the power to Rule my Christian Faith, my Christian Tradition?  What can a call to reason mean coming for the mind of a group that has just previous suggested the GENOCIDE of SEVEN BILLION HUMAN BEINGS?)

"Be Not a Cancer On The Earth, Leave Room for Nature, Leave Room for Nature."

Did you know that according to the New World Order Oligarchy, Seven Billion of we human beings are merely a "Cancer upon the earth"?

Mirror Video in case the original is ever removed.
Technology and Luciferian goals and greed have created a situation where a very small portion of mankind, holding the power of advance technology is capable of creating all the goods and services needed for the rest of mankind. Actually that is the 1 percent that own the technology (The Oligarchs of the New World Order.) They together with about 10 percent of the present population who work for them, have a "place." The rest of us they describe as "useless eaters."

The fact is THIS subject is THE question of our new civilization, the one they don't want people to realize. Rather, instead of having an open debate about what this means for humanity, and working to truly humanize any system who core is dependent on the next generations of technology, the EXPERTS set about a plan, created the Culture of Death, and empowered by technology are already conducting a massive Genocide. The truth is NO ONE as yet has the answer as to how to structure a LIFE ENGENDERING SOCIETY inside this Techno-Slavery. Until the technology is wrested from the hands of the Malthusian Elite, no chance of designing such a system exists. 

The displacement of labor caused by this massive advance in technology VOIDS every contract of Civilization yet devised, since those various contracts depended upon a person having worth by means of labor. Instead, taking the power of technology the Elite have enslaved, and they are killing, forming a slave/master world society.  

What did we see was the danger of the Article V Convention as exposed in the first video above? We saw that on the most basic levels of parenthood, children, family it fostered more power to the Masters, and further enslaved the population.  

And what has been the NWO answer, planned for decades but the elimination of at least 3/4 of the world's population. Now it is all about Genocide, where the elite holding the technology can live in what they view will be a paradise. They actually think they will be "harmonizing" mankind with the ecology of the earth and saving the planet. 

These Luciferians have many well meaning dupes who are cooperating with them, to their own destruction.  The MIND WAR is the means of generating this AGENDA; a means of actually getting US to cooperate with our own genocide.

If you have time and patience, take the time to listen to this podcast and hear how absolutely innocent this Luciferian goal sounds as the Director of Engineering at Google actually talks about "Spiritual Machines" and "The Singularity."  Do you know what the term "a singularity" means in physics? It means that it is a concept outside of the realm of human understanding and knowledge. It is a reference to the "great evolutionary step" these Malthusian Monsters think they are generating by Genocide. In the end they have no more wisdom than Nimrod and will produce (are producing) only massive suffering and horror.
The End of Work July 27, 2014 Radio Podcast, Ray Kurzweil, best-selling author, futurist, inventor, Director of Engineering at Google, and author of The Age of Spiritual Machines and The Singularity is Near.  Also participating, Andrew McAfee, director of the Initiative on the Digital Economy at MIT, author of The Second… etc.

Here is a direct link to the podcast:

If anything this futurist/inventor is saying were true, why is there massive unemployment, the actual displace in the last five years is 30 percent of the American population. The middle class is being decimated and we have created a Totalitarian State. This is a cheerleader for the New World Order.  He skews every statistic he quotes. For instance where he names the raw numbers of college students and college graduates, etc, without any reference to the general increase in population.  His idea of "redefining the nature of work" is just a fantasy statement.  He also speaks fantasy where he talks of "technological advancement" bubbling up from the geniuses among us. I can name many inventors of wonderful energy reducing technologies that were assassinated or drugged to insanity, whose inventions challenged the strangle hold the New World Order has over technology.   The New World Order has already decided the means of dealing with the displaced and it is lethal and non-lethal genocide.

My Prayers continue for our future, for the Humanizing of our culture, for LIBERTY and LIFE to win.
Archpriest Symeon Elias

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