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The Failure of American Christian-ism.

In 1990, ninety percent of Americans self-identified as Christian, yet they stood by and watched the Culture of Death swallow the last vestiges of Christian America. They watched in unbelief as Islam made massive impact on our shores, as our Government was revealed to be infiltrated by Marxists, Muslims and NeoCons all cooperating for one GOAL - some New World Order where a true Christian finds no place.

How did this happen? Weren't we praying?
Sadly the vast majority of American Christians, through damage by the MIND WAR actually functioned and function still, only under the guiding philosophy of Utilitarianism and are very ignorant of what Christianity is.   The MIND WAR produced secularism and identifying Christianity as "personal salvation" which quickly degenerated into psychological self help and individual self-actualization, (The Purpose Driven Life). This focus on the self, created Christianized Narcissism and not Christianity.  


American Christians flocked to what gave them pleasure, made them feel good. This was a no-brainer for them, since in Utilitarianism, what causes discomfort, pain and distress is EVIL. In the Happiness Seeking Sickness of American Christianism true self-examination was thus blocked, because true self-examination is always painful. Spiritual growth was stunted, languished or was totally destroyed by illusion of spiritual grandeur.  "Just don't tell me anything negative" was the mindset. "Certainly do not question any of the egotistical imagination of my soul or intellect I have called, messages from God.  I'm a powerful spiritual being.  God has rewarded me with spiritual insight. He tells me things."  And true spiritual militancy, sometimes the only witness outside of meaningless slogans, was reduced to, "I'm not going to allow you to ruin my day." 

Funeral for beheaded Christians in Mosul
Christian Mother and  Child
fleeing Al Qiada in Syria

Massacred Christians in Homs 

A Small witness of the Rawandan Christian Genocide
A sweet emotional sentimentality was substituted for True Spiritual Wisdom, which perfectly fit the underlying philosophy. American Christians became so intellectually and spiritually debilitated that they could face no facts or reality that did not make them FEEL good. All their decisions were then based on "what makes ME feel good" "what is upbeat and positive for ME" "what energizes me" "what gives me an emotional thrill" "what makes me FEEL INSPIRED." 

It was all about FEELING "inspired" to pursue ones narcissism. While they were gazing at their own navels, you could not get them to even view the massive Christian Genocide that was occurring all over the globe. Trust me! Many know this by experience, who were shunned for telling the truth.  "Man, you're just a downer." 

The hypnotic tools of the MIND WAR were used extensively by the televangelists and even by some seemingly stayed and conservative preachers.  Participation in the entertainment events, called "services" were a pacifier, a narcotic. A false Happiness Seeking Consciousness was sought, found and jealously protected! 
It was amazing how the language of the drug culture became the language of Evangelical Worship. The people had to get high, they needed to feel that feeling. The absolute worse was to be bummed out by what some Truth Teller might said.

If you doubt the narcissistic content of many of these worship services and worship songs, just turn to one of the contemporary Christian channels, T.V. or Radio, and count the times the personal pronouns are used per minute.

A hint about true worship. It often starts with words such as, "O Lord Thou Art . . ." "O God, You are . . ."  NOT, "I'm gonna" "I'll always."
But really this is a digression since we are really talking about American Christians living in a false consciousness created for them by the MIND WAR, where they cannot face in any meaningful way the reality of Suffering Christianity around the World.  So let me paraphrase a Jesus Quote, "How you ignored the least of these, these suffering innocents, men, women and children . . . How you allowed your money and wealth to finance their suffering, you have IGNORED ME, your wealth has abused me." 

Desecrated Ikon in Kosovo

More Desecration in Kosovo

Bombed Church In Kosovo

Blowing Up Saint Jonas' Tomb in Iraq.

Meanwhile in America
This goes for all the American so called mainline protestant churches, and the evangelical movement that was captured by the secular mythology of "spiritual actualization" and Material/Secular Prosperity. American Christians were so materialistic that when they read Jesus' words saying, "I want you to have life and life more abundantly" they interpreted that in MATERIAL/SECULAR terms, and thought abundant life was MORE THINGS, more "stuff", larger bank account and retirement funds, bigger and better houses, cars, and toys. As for the spiritual actualization part, preachers actually harped on narcissistic self-fulfilment, "finding ones self" "seeking one's dreams."  Just "seed that wishful prayer" with money to the right person, one of God's TRULY Anointed.  

When American Christians went to Church they wanted to come out of it "feeling upbeat and positive." The value of their "services" "pep rallies" "concerts" "rock concerts" "revival meetings" was all judged by their personal emotions. When you told them the truth of what their government was doing to foster World Genocide, how they were colluding to build the Luciferian One World Distopia, they would assure you that their government was good, in fact inspired by God, and that America was "God's Instrument in the World" "The World Last Best Hope" "the shinning light on the hill" and that you were just being "negative." After all, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush were flawed, but vocally professing "Christians." 

In point of fact, most of American Christianism became grossly false. It actually became a mere tool of the MIND WAR. A literal psycho-political mechanism to lull the masses into cooperation with the final destruction of the Republic and their own enslavement. This was evidenced in a most sinister way following 9/11 when "everyone believed in God" and "church" attendance was at an all time high. It became an American Religion, belief in the flag and in the goodness of Government, and it was exposed as thoroughly UN-Christian. 

America's founding was "inspired by God"
America was "created by God"
But so was Britain, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Japan, China, Brazil . . . 
America is no more "God's Instrument in the World" than any other nation that has ever existed.  God has HIS work in History, in ALL of History, in the history of ALL NATIONS. 
America is not "The World's Last Best Hope" . . . Jesus Christ is mankind's and the world's ONLY HOPE.  Anyone or THING aspiring to that title is an IDOL. 
America is not "the shinning light on the hill" unless that light is the reanimation of Pagan Roman Culture, complete with rampant homosexuality, sex outside of marriage, the proliferation of the occult, contraception, abortion, euthanasia and even INFANTICIDE (which is what partial birth abortion is.)  WHAT LIGHT EXISTS in this?

For most poor countries of the world, the American Light seen at the end of the tunnel of their suffering and struggle was merely a Genocidal Locomotive speeding their way. Do I have to name the countries decimated by American Biological Weapons? Programs of abortion? Business agreements that were robbery? Defense arrangements that destroyed their infrastructure and economies? After all we started in Vietnam destroying Villages to save them, by now we are decimating entire nations to "liberate them."

Here is what your faith in the Born Again Jimmy Carter, the Christians Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush brought you. It brought you the reality of the Omni-Surveillance Totalitarian Police State, a Ghost Republic, the Decimation of the Bill of Rights, a thoroughly anti-christian culture, the glorification of the Gay Culture, the massive insurgency of ISLAM and the beginning of Christian Persecution in our land.  You sought the strobe lights, the innovative Liturgies, Spiritual DANCE, Rock Music, Money, Position, Recognition and on and on.  You sought EVERYTHING BUT JESUS CHRIST AND HIM CRUCIFIED.

We American Christians would be foolish indeed, in fact filled with hubris and arrogance to think that Christ is going to return and reward our spiritual and intellectual blindness by whisking us away before the REAL persecutions begin.  We are already suffering soft, aggravating, insulting persecution, but bloodshed is not far away.  It will cost you every IDOL you have spent your health and youth chasing.    Unless, you repent. Seek Christ's REAL presence.

"Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood you have no life in you."
"My flesh is food indeed, My blood is drink indeed."

The Ghost of the Republic

The success of the MIND WAR is so complete everyone reading this will understand it only through their own conditioning. If you told them that the Christian Faith, as taught and practiced by the Apostles still exists, they would agree and believe they are part of it.

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